Book Tips 2023 | I read these books in March

oops! Reading has taken a big hit over the past month. Maarrrr I read 2 great titles that I would like to share with you!

Book Tips 2023

I was still so busy in February and added no less than 4 titles to my list of Book Tips 2023, it was a little less easy in March. I noticed that the hustle and bustle kept me quite busy: in terms of work, the agenda is filling up again, I was quite ill due to a old school flu and we celebrated Niene’s fifth birthday, which required quite a bit of preparation. Not bad at all, can sometimes happen, but I do promise myself to pick up the thread of reading better in April. So for now a short blog, but with two great titles that I would definitely recommend. I read these books in March:

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The Bookseller of Dachau

Among the recommended novels in Kobo Plus is a title that immediately appeals to me and has high reviews. Since I’m sick in bed, I’ll start in The Bookseller at Dachau and I’ll get through it in no time this story gripped, that I read it in a day. What a beautiful story about two young lovers in World War II on the one hand and a granddaughter who has been tracked down 70 years later on the other. A must read if you like this genre!

1. Matilda’s friend Hans is in danger. She offers him her attic to hide in. For months they only see each other by candlelight when she brings him food and they can do nothing but whisper. Until one day soldiers storm into her house and take Hans with them.
2. Grace finds out that she inherited a bookshop in Dachau from the grandmother she didn’t know existed. Grace delves into her grandmother Matilda’s past and discovers things about herself and her family that turn her life upside down.

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The Winter Garden

The previous Kristin Hannah books I’ve read did not disappoint at all. When ‘The Winter Garden‘ was among my suggested books in Kobo Plus, so I didn’t hesitate for a moment. Still, I found the first chapters difficult to fathom: where is this story going? It took me almost half way through the book before I was somewhat into it and then to such a level that I didn’t want to put it aside anymore, but wanted to know how it ends. In this book the characters are quite on their own island, there is hardly any bond or connection with each other and that bothered me a bit. Later in the story that changed, it became gripping and I was completely sucked into it. I’m guessing that the next Boekentips blog will contain another title by Kristin Hannah: what a great writer she is!

Anya never wanted to tell what happened during the war. But her secret is the only thing that can bring her daughters back together. A heartbreaking war novel from the author of The Nightingale (I read that last month). ‘A moving novel about friendship and family, loss and consolation.’ General Journal. Sisters Meredith and Nina are very different in nature. One stayed home to raise her children and run the family business, the other followed her dream of becoming a photojournalist and traveled all over the world. When their father falls ill, they realize they must join forces. Their disapproving mother Anya is unable to offer comfort even now. On his deathbed, their father asks Meredith and Nina to listen one more time to the Russian fairy tale their mother used to tell, but the end of which they never heard. Thus Anya’s tragic past in war-torn Leningrad finally comes to light. And her daughters listen, all the way to the end…

Do you already know the titles I read? Do you have more fun book tips? I’d love to read your response in the comments or on Facebook or Instagram!

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