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The correct answer to the competition with which you could win a bib number for the Bijlmer Run was We Slaves of Suriname. That’s the name of Anton de Kom’s book. This message ends the promotion. Find out who the winners are here!

We have two winners! Together with many others, Anita Hendriks and Ruth Saleh responded to our action around the Bijlmer Run that will take place on May 6th. The question we asked was: what is the name of Anton de Kom’s book that was included in the Canon of the Netherlands in 2020? With this message the action ends and there is no point in responding anymore.

We slaves of Suriname

The correct answer to the question had to be: We slaves of Suriname. We received that answer from the vast majority of entrants.

All entrants 10% discount

If you have responded, but you are not one of the two winners, we have good news. The organization of the Bijlmer Run has allowed us to send all entrants a code that gives them a 10% discount upon registration. Nice is not it? We will notify you as soon as we receive the codes.

Anita and Ruth: congratulations and we’ll see you at the start on May 6!

The Bijlmer Run has a Kids Run over 1 km, a 5 km, a 10 km, a Business Run over 10 km and a half marathon. If you did not participate in our competition, but would like to run on May 6, you can register here.

Hey runner, please have your attention. At ProRun we do our best every day to inform, motivate and inspire you. We offer you useful tools, such as the running calendar, run log and calculator.

This takes time and money. Treat us to a cup of coffee and donate € 2.50 once. Something more is of course also possible.

Then we write and build (and walk) further.

Thank you in advance!

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