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Best kitchen scale of 2022

Best kitchen scale of 2022Looking for the best kitchen scale of 2022? We found it for you. A kitchen scale is indispensable in the kitchen. Recipes stand or fall with the right proportions and a kitchen scale is a must.

So many people, so many wishes and where one prefers to work with a digital kitchen scale, the other prefers to work with an analog scale. No problem. We have divided our ‘best kitchen scale of 2022’ election into two categories. So your favorite is sure to be among them. Curious about the best kitchen scale of 2022? Read on quick!

What is the best kitchen scale?

As mentioned, we have divided our best kitchen scale of 2022 election into two categories. First of all, the best digital kitchen scale. In addition, we have also included the best analog kitchen scale in this election. Only one can be the best in each category. Wondering which one that is for your type of scale? Let’s take a look.

Best digital kitchen scale: KitchenBrothers Digital Precision Kitchen Scale

As far as we are concerned, the KitchenBrothers Digital Precision Kitchen Scale is the absolute number 1 in the best digital kitchen scale category of 2022. The scale does exactly what it should do and at a competitive price. You can weigh up to 6 kilos with it in a very accurate way. You can choose between grams, oz, lb or ml. This gives a lot of freedom in the kitchen. In addition, the scale is quite compact, so you can also easily store it.

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Best analog kitchen scale: Gastroback Retro

This classic scale from Gastroback is, in our opinion, the number 1 in the best analog kitchen scale category. An ideal kitchen scale without batteries. The authentic scale can weigh up to 2 kilos with an accuracy of 10 grams. Thanks to the bowl of 20 centimeters you can also easily weigh larger products. The bowl is also easy to remove and clean. Thanks to the stainless steel, the scale has a sleek look and remains beautiful.

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The best kitchen scales of 2022

You now know what the best kitchen scales of 2022 are per category, but it may not fully meet your specific needs. The best kitchen scale for you depends on the type of scale you’re looking for and how you use it. We have made a nice top 3 of all three types of scales for you. Each and every one of them top quality scales. In addition to the number one you just saw, we also have a nice number 2 and 3 spot per category.

The most commonly used kitchen scale in Dutch kitchens is a digital kitchen scale. So we start with this. Then we look at the numbers two and three in the category of best analog kitchen scales.

Best digital kitchen scales

In addition to the KitchenBrothers Digital Precision Kitchen Scale, we also have a nice number two and three. Slightly different, but also very good. In second place we have OEC Kitchen Digital Precision Kitchen Scale and Spoon Scale. The third place is taken by the FITAGE Kitchen Scale Digital with App.

Where we found the KitchenBrothers all-round scale the best, the OEC is ideal if you need to weigh very precisely. For example, if you like to bake. The FITAGE kitchen scale is perfect again if you spend a lot of time with your food. The supplied app calculates nutritional values ​​quickly and you can easily log your nutrition.

OEC Kitchen Digital Kitchen Scale & Spoon Scale

The OEC Kitchen Digital Precision Kitchen Scale and Spoon Scale is a slightly more expensive digital kitchen scale, but you also get a lot in return. The scale weighs very accurately, down to 0.1 grams. This way you know exactly how much you weigh. In addition, there is a spoon scale with which you can easily and quickly weigh herbs, oils and other ingredients.

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FITAGE Kitchen Scale Digital with App

This digital kitchen scale from FITAGE is perfect for anyone who wants to log their calories and macros easily and quickly. The scale is equipped with Bluetooth and comes with an accompanying app. You can also add your own products to the app, so that you can precisely record your eating schedule. The scale itself weighs very accurately and quickly.

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Best analog kitchen scales

The Plint Retro Kitchen Scale finished in second place among the best analogue kitchen scales. Although very similar to the Gastroback Retro, the Gastroback wins in terms of design in our opinion. This one has a little more that classic retro look and the stainless steel makes it very robust. Nevertheless, the Plint is a nice number two that fits well in modern kitchens.

Third place is the Soehnle Culina Pro. This top brand has been producing fantastic kitchen scales for years. Although it is somewhat inferior to the rest in terms of design, it is astounding in terms of functionality. The handy bowl means that you can easily weigh everything and also have no hassle with pouring or pouring. Ideal for dairy, for example. In short, a beautiful top 3 of top quality kitchen scales.

Baseboard Retro Kitchen Scale

The Plint Retro Kitchen Scale does exactly what you would expect from it. This scale comes second in our list of the best analog kitchen scales. The scale has a beautiful design and is available in four colors (green, pink, pastel blue and cream). This makes it fit perfectly in every kitchen. With this scale you can weigh up to 3 kilos.

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Soehnle Culina Pro kitchen scale

Number three in the list of best analog kitchen scales is the Soehnle Culina Pro Kitchen Scale. Unlike the two other scales, this one has a bowl in which you weigh ingredients. The handle makes it easy to pour batter, for example. The bowl is easy to remove and clean. In addition, this analog kitchen scale weighs up to 5 kilograms.

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