Best barbecues of 2022

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Best barbecues of 2022

Best barbecues of 2022When the first rays of sun break through, one of the first things we like to do is light the barbecue. A beautiful piece Roast beef, rack of lamb, cote de boeuf or of course the classic skewers. Delicious long (outside) dining with friends and family. What you don’t want is a barbecue that doesn’t work well or doesn’t get hot enough. We have listed the best barbecues of 2022 for you. This way you know this year that you are sitting well and can enjoy a delicious, cozy barbecue.

The best barbecues of 2022

So many people, so many wishes and actually so many barbecues. We also take this into account in our list of the best barbecues of 2022. From electric barbecues to classic charcoal barbecues and from gas barbecues to Kamado barbecues. Of course we also take into account the average barbecuer, so we have also selected the best barbecue of 2022 for that!

Best barbecue for every barbecuer

As far as we are concerned, the best barbecue for the average barbecuer who wants to light the barbecue a few times a year. This classic is ideal. You can smoke, grill and roast with it. The Weber is easy to light and clean, and it also stays hot. Not unimportant at a barbecue. In addition, this BBQ is also easy to store.

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Best Charcoal BBQ

Actually, for the best charcoal barbecue, the Kamado barbecue or the Weber from above can also be taken, after all, these are also both beautiful charcoal barbecues. However, we want to highlight a barbecue that is a little less striking, but all the more practical. This LotusGrill has everything you’re looking for in a charcoal barbecue, but for a small group on the table. Do you still want a real barbecue? Then go for the Weber above!

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Best electric barbecue

More of a fan of the electric barbecue? There is also a lot to be said for this. This year our preference is for the Tefal EasyGrill Electric barbecue, which can also be used as a table barbecue. In terms of value for money, this is top and lasts a long time. The meat grills easily and the barbecue is also easy to clean. You can decide for yourself whether you put it on the table or in the garden. A compact and handy barbecue!

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Best gas grill

A gas barbecue is also a nice variant for barbecuing. It’s kind of in between the electric and charcoal barbecue. The advantage is mainly cleaning, this is often done in this way. In addition, you have a little more of the pure taste of just the meat. This Campingaz 4 Series is the winner for this year in our opinion. With four burners you can set the barbecue exactly the way you want it. Just a nice piece for dinner or grilling for an entire evening is easy to do with this barbecue!

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Best kamado barbeque

The real thing: the kamado barbecue. As the best kamado barbecue, we will stick to the classic Big Green Egg again this year. In our eyes, this remains the most complete kamado BBQ there is. The large version has a beautiful grill surface of 46 centimeters in diameter. You can therefore cook every piece of meat beautifully on this barbecue. The unique properties of this barbecue ensure that you can use it in so many ways that you can put a unique dish on the table every evening, so to speak. As far as we are concerned, the absolute number 1 when it comes to kamado barbecues.

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