Best 8 Apps To Buy Cryptocurrencies In UK 2023

Cryptocurrency has seen a massive boost in the last few years. What seems like a mystery has gradually become a household name in the UK. For this reason, I will list the best apps to buy crypto in UK. Buying crypto coins is now easy to come by. The reason is that there are a lot of platforms in the UK that you can buy from.

These platforms have websites that you access through your computer.

However, mobile apps are now been used because of their simplicity and easy accessibility. Most platforms that trade crypto now have their mobile app to help users keep track of their assets and to help them carry it about with them.
With any of these best apps installed on your phone, you can buy and sell crypto anytime.

These apps also alert you if there is a price change on any crypto coins. Apart from using these apps to buy crypto, there is a lot you can do with the apps. So read on to find out.

Best Apps To Buy Crypto In The United Kingdom In 2023

1. eToro

Those of us that are involved in trading online are not new to this app. eToro is an all-in-one trading app. You can trade stocks, trade crypto, and lots more. The app provides users with a lot of features and that is why it is one of the best apps to buy crypto in the UK. When most hear crypto the first thought is Bitcoin. However, there are a lot of other cryptos out there you can trade.

And the eToro app has them all. You can buy and sell any crypto on eToro. And can even trade one for another within the app. The app has a simple user interface that is both good for beginners and experts. And about security, your coins are safe with this app. It has a high-security level that hinders fraudsters from having access to your coin. You can buy crypto using any payment method on the app.

In addition, you get daily news updates about what is happening in the crypto world. As good as the app is to buy cryptocurrency, eToro can be complex for those who are new to buying crypto, because of its large collection of cryptocurrencies. However, when you have specific crypto you want to buy, it’s simple to use. The app is available for both Android and iOS users.

2. Gemini

Another app you can use to buy crypto in the UK is Germini. Germini is known for its high security level. In the crypto world, security is very important. And that is what the app tends to address. It uses encryption that is hard for even the advanced computer to break. Because of this feature, Germini has drawn a lot of users to use the app in buying crypto.

Apart from its high-security level, Germini also can serve as a wallet or crypto debit card and you can use the app to trade. That means you can buy and sell crypto using the app. The Germini app has over 70 cryptocurrencies. So you can even trade between cryptos. The app gives a real-time trading scale and has its currency translator.

Lastly, the app offers various accounts which include a demo account, a student account, and a professional account. And each of these comes with its interface. Also, the app is solely focused on cryptocurrency, so if you wish to trade other investments, Germini might not be the best for you.

3. Coinbase

The Coinbase app is one of the most popular apps for trading crypto in the world. That means the Coinbase app has all the basic features that make it on my list of best apps to buy crypto in the UK. Coinbase have all the major cryptos in the world and a few unknown coins. You can buy any crypto in minutes on Coinbase.

The app has a simple user interface, which means newcomers can buy coins from it. The security level is high and your coin is safe in the Coinbase app. Coinbase accepts every kind of payment system in the UK. However, it works faster when you use debit cards to buy crypto. It also has high liquidity and buying limits. So feel free to buy any amount of crypto you desire to buy.

As good as the Coinbase app is, it has a few drawbacks I must alert you with. Coinbase tracks every transaction you carry out on the app. That means it has a low privacy level. And when you buy using a bank transfer, it takes days before it arrives. The Coinbase app is available for both Android and iOS users.

Binance – Best App To buy Crypto in UK

Binance is one of the best apps to buy crypto in the UK. One feature that makes it stand out from other crypto trading apps, is having a local currency translator. Binance currency translator helps you know the exact translation of one coin to another. It even gives the translation of the local currency to any coin. The app has a lot of crypto coins you can buy and the Binance app is one of the apps to buy dogecoin.

Obscure coins. The user interface is simple to understand. New users can find their way around the app with ease. The security level is also good. This means you can buy crypto and also store it in the app. Binance accepts most payment systems in the UK. And you can also p2p to trade. However, before careful so you won’t be swindled.

The app is available on all mobile platforms. Just move to the app stores and install it on your phone. One major drawback is that the Binance app doesn’t have more features like other best apps to buy crypto in the UK.

bit panda

Bitpanda is one of the secure apps to buy crypto in the UK. The app offers so many features that help made it on my list of best apps to buy crypto in the UK. Bitpanda is an all-in-one finance app. Whether you want to buy crypto or trade stocks, you can do all of this in this app. Anyone can buy crypto on Bitpanda and at any budget. All you have to do is to create an account with them, complete the trust verification and go about buying.

Whether you are a beginner in crypto or an expert trader, this app is an easy-to-use app and can meet all your investment needs. Bitpanda app comes with an in-built free visa debit card that allows you to spend your investment directly from the app without any stress. In addition, the app allows you to select your favorite crypto coin, set a price alarm, allow you to manage your assets, scan top movers, and so on.

The Bitpanda app allows you to use any UK payment method to buy crypto from it. Lastly, the service works on a 24/7 basis. So any time you encounter any form of problem, you can quickly contact the customer care service directly from the app.


Coinjar is an Australian-owned crypto platform that works well in the UK. You can use this app to purchase any crypto in the UK. The coin jar app gives you access to buy the Australian dollar and over 50 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more. The app comes with an easy to use interface. You can buy, sell and store crypto in coin jar. Like Bitpanda, Coinjar allows you to spend your crypto directly from the app.
It provides users with a free pre-paid crypto master card. These cards are available as both physical and digital cards with Google pay. Security comes first with Coinjar.

The crypto app allows you to set a two-factor authentication via Android face lock or fingerprint or using a passcode. You can also lock your account remotely when you lose your mobile device.

Additional features include instant withdrawal into your account, price alert notification, news on the crypto world, and lots more. You can also use the Coinjar app to send and receive coins easily. Lastly, you can use any payment system to buy crypto. However, when you use Master cards you get your coin instantly with a low transaction fee. Try Coinjar today and you won’t regret using it. is another top crypto exchange where people in the UK can trade their crypto assets. They have over 10 million users globally making them one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

The platform is user-friendly and easy to use with a wide range of products and services. They take up to 0.4% per trading, but it can be lower if you decide to pay using their native CRO token.

There are over 240 different crypto assets available for trading on the platform and it is available on the web and on smartphones. You can stake CRO for almost 35% annual yield on the platform. Users can buy crypto in the UK using their credit or debit card with just a few taps. They also have a dedicated section where they guide beginners about crypto trading.


Kraken is one of the simplest and easiest apps to buy crypto in the UK. It’s a secure platform for anyone who wishes to buy and sell crypto. You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and more on Kraken. Million around the world trust Kraken. And they use the app to buy, sell and swap crypto. Whether you are just starting in crypto or an advanced trader, Kraken renders you the service you need.

The app helps you to track your crypto portfolio by easily reviewing the value of each investment in, a graph chart to help you understand the current value of each crypto. You can also create and verify your account within the app. Additional features include high security, price alert, and daily updates on the crypto world. Kraken app has over 120 cryptocurrencies, so you know it’s a large platform. Feel free to trade with Kraken; you will not regret what you do.


There you have it, the best apps to buy crypto in UK. Each of these apps has its advantage and setbacks. So I employ you to go through these apps very well before you make your choice. I know there are many apps to buy crypto.

However, based on my assessment, these apps are the best for anyone who wants to buy and trade crypto in the UK. Let me know what you think about these best apps to buy crypto in the UK In the comment section below.

And lastly, we are nowhere connected to these apps, this post is on an informal basis, and the information written is gotten from the writer’s research on these apps.

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