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Why should you buy hiking boots through the autumn leavesIt’s spring again and that’s great, because that way you’re just a little faster inclined to get some fresh air outside. And that is so incredibly good for you! For people who sometimes have trouble getting off the couch, here are all the benefits of walking in a row.

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Stronger body

Walking strengthens our body. Not only the muscles, but also the bones and cartilage become stronger. This way you reduce the risk of osteoporosis, also known as osteoporosis. By moving, the cartilage in your joints thickens and you move more smoothly. The heart and blood vessels are also stimulated considerably by walking! Because the blood vessels are well maintained, the blood can flow better through them and lowers blood pressure. The cholesterol level in your blood also drops, so there is less chance of ‘clogged’ arteries. Your lungs also become stronger, making them better able to absorb oxygen. A good maintenance service is that walking!

Rest in your bed and head

As if the above-mentioned benefits of walking aren’t reason enough to go out, let’s keep going. Although taking a walk is an active movement, on balance it provides rest. More than staying indoors on the couch or in bed. Walking makes you tired in a healthy way and therefore you sleep better in and out. It literally helps drain stress out of your body. Because you sleep better, you have less chance of depression, but walking itself also ensures that. Because of the impressions you get and the parts of the brain that are activated, your fears and depressed feelings decrease. Just check with yourself: no matter how bad you feel, after a walk you always feel better than before.

Boost for your resistance

Walking is a boost to your overall health. Certain diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, are more than half less likely in people who walk a lot. The risk of Alzheimer’s disease also decreases. In addition, walking is a perfect tool for intestinal problems. The movement stimulates the intestines and therefore the metabolism and also the bowel movement. Less chance of constipation and therefore less chance of abdominal pain.

In addition, walking reduces the risk of obesity. Not only do you have less chance of obesity by walking and burning calories yourself, the cheerful feeling you get from walking often ensures that you can better stick to your healthy resolutions.

Brain gymnastics

In addition to all these physical and mental benefits of walking, this effort also brings many practical and productive benefits. Your body produces red blood cells through exercise and the fresh air, which improves your memory. You also become sharper and more focused, which is very useful for achievements, such as studying for an exam, driving for your driver’s license or an important presentation at work. Your creativity is also greatly stimulated. Not only is your brain stimulated by the movement itself, but also by all the stimuli you encounter along the way.

So it’s time to go out and build the walk into your daily routine. If you personally experience even more benefits of walking, be sure to let us know! Who knows, you may have discovered a beautiful new piece of nature, you have been able to take beautiful photos or you have bumped into De Ware while walking. We are curious!

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