Benefits of having a business website made

The fact that you need a website to promote your company is beyond doubt. If you don’t have a website, you won’t be found by potential customers. And that is not good for the business you want to do. After all, the internet is the place where everyone first goes to do some searching. Incidentally, you will not just be found if you have a corporate website, because this website must meet a number of conditions from Google in order to be found. A specialist in building good business websites that put you high on the Google rankings is not an unnecessary luxury.

Business website terms and conditions

A business website is different from a consumer website. With B2B (business to business) you focus on other companies with your product or service. With B2C (business to consumer) you focus on the consumer. The difference is in the target group and you should definitely take that into account when building a business website in order to increase the customer satisfaction to ensure. A business website should balance the branding of your brand or company with the company itself. Just like B2C websites, you want your B2B corporate website to be easy to find for Google (and other search engines) and of course that you can easily manage the website.

Fresh look

There is a good chance that the company you work for does not specialize in IT and web development. But even if that is the case, it is advisable to outsource the building of the corporate website to a strategic web development agency. After all, they look at your company very differently and thus highlight the cherry from the pie that makes your company, product or service so special. These are put first for you, so that your unique sides are best highlighted. Thanks to this fresh look, the company’s story is even better marketed. Naturally, the target group, product or service and its branding are taken into account.

Have your business card built

Why should you use the corporate website let build by a web development agency? The reason is simple: you also have your business card designed by a designer, right? A web development agency knows exactly what your website must meet. This takes into account your target group, your company, house style and how you want to be marketed. These websites are built in such a way that you can adjust them in-house and fill them with content, without having to think about HTML and other coding. By outsourcing the building of your corporate website, you ensure that your business card looks great, the story of your company is told perfectly and the company is found on the internet.

To be found

To be found on the internet, it is nice that your website is search engine friendly. This means that the bots of search engines like Google can easily view your website. They crawl through the texts, look at the alt texts of images, test how fast the pages load and thus determine how good your website is among the millions of sites that are already out there. When crawling through the texts, we look at what your website is about. It is therefore important to strategically place the right keywords in texts. A good marketing agency can certainly help you with that. Longer, high-quality texts significantly increase your search engine optimization (SEO) and thus increase your online visibility.

Use it in your marketing mix

If the website is up and running and is found, you can continue to manage it yourself. Write blogs or have them made to increase your online findability. Regularly post news, photos or a video. While developing the website, you can immediately think about how you will include it in your marketing mix, because it will certainly make a positive contribution to that. Good and regularly new content also contributes to visitors coming back more often and staying longer on the site, once you have been found. A user-friendly website retains visitors and fun content keeps them entertained. If people ‘hang out’ with you so often, you increase the chance of connecting another company with you in business. So have that corporate website built for you and use it to your business advantage.

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