beauty trends. 6 Tips and tricks to regrow gray hair

beauty trends.  6 Tips and tricks to regrow gray hair
6 Tips and tricks to regrow gray hair. Gray hair is so trendy. Photo Charlotte Mesman

Grey hair we associate with getting older, and that makes sense, but it can also be very beautiful. Moreover, the stigma of ‘old age’ has also disappeared a bit these days. Gray hair is hip! You only have to look at all those young people who dye their hair gray or spontaneously embrace their own premature gray hair. All the more reason to let gray hair grow out.

Grow gray hair. 6 Tips and Tricks

If you are thinking about taking the step towards your natural gray hair, we have a few tips and tricks for you to get through the transition phase as well as possible.

1. Do not update roots (anymore).

Often it is not the gray hairs in themselves, but especially the transitional phase that prevent us from embracing our gray hairs. You started painting at the time and every time you see gray outgrowth, you touch it up again. Even if you have already decided to go for gray, you can easily give in to painting again when that gray runway shows itself again. If you really want to make the transition to gray hair, the advice is: don’t! Accept that your hair looks a little less beautiful in the transition phase.

2. Gray blending

If you have no patience or a special occasion (perhaps a wedding) on ​​which you do not want to show yourself with a gray outgrowth, you can think of gray blending. In that case, your hairdresser coordinates the regrowth and colored hair length with the help of highlights and lowlights. It is obvious to choose shades of gray for the colored hair length that match your own gray hair. Highlights and lowlights give your hair depth, look very natural and give little regrowth because it is not a solid color. The disadvantage of this solution is that it is quite expensive.

3. Cut your hair shorter

If you’re going for natural regrowth and accept that temporary landing strip, you can speed up the process by getting your hair cut shorter. The advantage of this is that your hair looks healthier and fuller.

4. Style your hair differently

Sometimes it can help to style your hair differently. For example, regrowth may be less visible with a side parting instead of a center parting. If you always wear your hair down, try a casual updo. Sometimes even a color difference can be very hip.

5. Take extra care of your hair

Hair care products can also help to make your hair look better during this growth phase. Go for moisturizing products or experiment with volume products to make it look fuller. Regrowth in shiny and healthy hair is already very different from unkempt or dry hair. So don’t lose heart, but do everything you can to make your hair so beautiful and healthy during this period. Remember that your hair also benefits from a healthy diet.

6. Silver shampoo

Once you have gray hair, you can keep it beautiful with a silver shampoo. Occasionally you can even put a (washable) color through it. Such a gray base is ideal for beautiful pastels. It’s really worth letting your gray hair grow out. You may enjoy it even more than you think.

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