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Do you remember the beautiful birth poster from Gallerix? I am still very happy with this. Now that we are expecting a little sister for Jace within a few weeks, it was time to find some new posters. This time we searched the Gallerix webshop for beautiful baby room posters. Later we also want a beautiful birth poster of our little girl. But we can only order them after birth.

baby room poster

Pick out baby room posters

To get inspired, I always look at examples of photo walls at the Gallery Wall Collage on the website first. On this page you can filter by room, color on the wall, category and the number of posters you want to hang. Since we have a very small baby room this time, we opted for 2-3 posters. Two for above the bed and one for on a shelf on the wall. When you see a gallery wall that you like, you can easily put all the posters in your shopping cart. Or you only select the frames and posters that you like.

Baby room posters with animals

In Jace’s room we have posters with animals. So I thought it was a nice idea to also choose animals for his sister. Always fun in a nursery anyway, because most children love all kinds of animals from a fairly young age and recognize them quickly. I chose the Sleeping Fox, Bear with Balloon and to vary the animals a bit also for the Painted Flower poster.

The Sleeping Fox now hangs together with the Painted Flower Poster above her bed. The Bear With Balloon doesn’t really have a permanent place yet. The room is largely ready, but some accessories will be added to make things a bit cozier.

baby room poster
baby room poster

Poster card

Another nice idea for the nursery, but also any other room in the house, is a poster map of a city or place that you have a nice memory of. For example, you can choose a poster map of the city where your little one was born, the city where you got married or simply your favorite city in the world.

Since we moved to a new home this year, there are still plenty of rooms that we want to give a makeover. So in the future I will definitely look for fun inspiration for poster or photo walls on this cozy website.

Which baby room posters are your favourite?

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