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Last year I made a city trip to Manchester during the autumn holidays, but this year I spent the autumn holidays in Valencia. Read a number of tips in this article if you are also planning a city trip to Valencia.

Why Valencia?

This year the choice was easy for us. My eldest son is studying in Valencia for half a year, so more than enough reason to plan a city trip with my boyfriend and the two youngest sons. In any case, Valencia has been on my wish list for a long time for several reasons:

  • It weather; in the month of October the temperature is still very pleasant
  • It country; I love Spain, speak a little Spanish myself and love the food, the culture, the climate.
  • Positive stories from others have made me want to go to Valencia for a long time

Travel to Valencia

From Veenendaal it is more than 1800 kilometers to Valencia, so the plane is the best option. We have booked through Transavia and fly from Eindhoven Airport. I think this is a pleasant airport anyway and even now we have little delay with check-in or customs checks. We arranged the parking through a provider that is a 6-minute walk from the airport. So everything is going well and that also applies to the journey. After about 2.5 hours we arrive in a sunny Valencia. The holiday begins…

Overnight stay in Valencia

There are plenty of hotels in Valencia, but since we are traveling with the four of us, I opted for an apartment via AirBNB. Our apartment is located in the Mestalla district, close to the football stadium and close to the flat where my son lives. The metro is also nearby and we are quickly in the center so I think this area is a great option.

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