Are you already suffering from the wonderful spring jitters? We certainly do!

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Spring has begun! Although it can still be really chilly outside, it already tickles us quite a bit and that’s not just butterflies in the stomach. The kids can go outside again with this sun and working in the garden is also beckoning again. How do the spring tickles express themselves with you? Do you want to go into the garden, or are you itching to start spring cleaning? Or are you the type who immediately pops up on a terrace with your partner or friends? Why not all at once because everyone has it in their head now!

All the birds have started nesting except you and me

Bring spring/summer into your home with these tips

The title of this heading is a free translation of the first Old Dutch sentence ever found. The source is unknown, but we suspect that it was a monk who was secretly in love with a wench from the village. This sentence reads: “Hebban olla uogala nestas hagunnan hinase hi(c)(e)nda thu…”.

This sums up having spring jitters well, right? When the sun comes out again, everyone’s hormones start playing up again. The couch hanging is over and we want to go outside again. Being free but still looking for connection and you see exactly the same in nature. The flowers and the bees and the mating dance of birds and animals. Now you!

The broom through and the garden tools there

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The spring fever is ideally suited to indulge in a nice spring cleaning. Also diving into the vegetable garden is of course a nice job to do in the spring. This work is very grounding. Back with your feet on the floor after a winter of pondering. Delicious right?

Because we more going out becoming outdoor playing and sports is also an issue again. Are you careful that you don’t sport a fracture because of all the enthusiasm of your spring fever? Your body has to get used to all that fanatical movement and an injury, well you’re not waiting for that. Build up sports slowly and do good stretching exercises before and afterwards. Rome wasn’t built in a day either.

Spring fever

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For the rest, we can enjoy our free time with our partner or friends on the terrace as soon as the weather permits. Because March stirs his tail and April does what he wants just to put two ancient sayings on the table. The fact that these statements are actually too cliché for words does not detract from their truth.

Anyway, enjoy the terrace with just the two of you or with a load of friends. Delicious. We really don’t mind you. Grab your chance as soon as you can, you’ve earned it after that ever-long winter (or does it just seem that way because of that horrible cold?).

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So what to do with the spring fever this year? Do you go for a terrace, do you put it on a rung, does the broom go through the house or do you dive into the garden? If you have real spring fever in the form of butterflies in your stomach, you can of course also dive into bed with the two of us and then not to sleep.
Do you keep in mind that the spring tickles should not be in your nose? Because then it could be hay fever. We’ll see you outside!

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