Another criticism of the referee: “I’m surprised by Lawrence Visser”

Like every weekend, there were also a number of cases on this matchday where the referee’s decisions were up for discussion.

That was already the case on Friday evening with the Walloon game between Standard and Sporting Charleroi. There, Laifis should have received a red card early in the second half when he placed his studs on Badji’s leg.

“Laifis has his foot flat on Badji’s ankle,” former referee Stéphane Breda told La Capitale. “In hindsight we can always discuss the intensity, but for me a red card would have been justified.”

The situation is more or less comparable to what Samed van Lens did against Hakimi from Paris Saint-Germain on Saturday. There was a red card drawn.

For Breda, Lawrence Visser’s reaction was even more striking. “What surprises me is that the VAR calls Lawrence Visser, which indicates that he is at least in doubt, but that the referee is not going to look at the images…”

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