Anna + Nina join forces with Stieglitz

Two of our favorite Amsterdam brands are joining forces, namely Anna + Nina and Stieglitz. Both are known for their colorful collections, which is why this collaboration is just in time for summer. Because if there’s one season that your look can’t be colorful enough, it’s summer.

Bye, savings.

Anna + Nina join forces with Stieglitz for a colorful collection

The Dutch brands Stieglitz and Anna + Nina have joined their creative forces and are proud to announce an exclusive collaboration. Pien Stieglitz, the mastermind behind her eponymous brand Stieglitz, and Anna de Lanoy Meijer and Nina Poot, founders of the renowned Anna + Nina brand, have a shared vision of empowerment through self-expression. The theme of the collection is ‘Dutch Glory’, very appropriate.

Both brands emphasize the strong female identity, and that became the focus of this collaboration. Expressive colors and shapes are the guiding principles in the collection, which comes just in time for summer.

“This co-creation brings our brands together and is a beautiful continuation of our Dutch heritage and philosophy of inspiring and evoking self-expression through extraordinary designs,” – Anna de Lanoy Meijer.

“Our shared vision of self-expression, empowerment and creativity is what makes this collaboration authentic and unique, it’s the perfect balance between Anna + Nina’s contemporary yet feminine designs and our more edgy grounding.” – Pien Slieglitz

The collection will be available from 9 May in the Stieglitz webshop and in their boutique in Wolvenstraat, Amsterdam.

Our favorite items from the collection

We got a sneak peak and listed our favorite items for you.

The chunky rings

When we think of Anna + Nina’s jewellery, we think of fine items. Yet in this collaboration it can all be a bit coarser and we like that.

Heart on fire

A flaming heart appears in various forms, on the clothing and in the jewellery.

Branded shirt

If there is an item where the collaboration and the Amsterdam feeling comes to the fore, it is this shirt.

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Just in time for summer: Anna + Nina join forces with Stieglitz for a colorful collection

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