Android 14 puts an end to screen-filling notifications

Android 14 seems to get a useful improvement, which has to do with the notifications you receive. This is evidenced by new information. Last week, the first Beta of Android 14 was released.

Android 14 with notifications

In the source code of the latest version of Android 14, new clues have been found for a useful addition in the new Android version. It has to do with the notifications that are shown when a notification comes in. Last week, Android 14 Beta 1 was released by Google, and in a few months we can expect the final version of Android 14. According to the new clues, a new setting has been discovered that allows you to set whether an app can display a notification in full screen. The feature may be added to the final version of Android 14.

Now you may be thinking, but are there so many applications that display full screen notification? Certainly. There are several examples of full screen notifications. Think of the alarm clock app that displays an alarm on a full screen, or WhatsApp that gives a full-screen notification of an incoming call. As it looks now, Android 14 years is going to change and you have to give yourself explicit permission. It is still possible to keep this function enabled, or to adjust it later.

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