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An Escape room at home? Is that possible? Yes, and I’m not talking about a card game. For my daughter’s (10) children’s party, I was allowed to try out an Escaperoom for at home. The children competed with two teams for the honour. It was super exciting and they were evenly matched. I want to tell you that in advance. You can set up the Escapebox (in our case 2) quickly and the guideline for the supervisors is easy to follow. Do you want to know more? Then read this blog.

Flight 532 is a home escape room, suitable for 9 to 12 year olds.  Codecrackers children's party at home or on location.  Rent an escape room

An Escaperoom brought home

By now you know that I am not very fond of games, but my children are. I find an escape room more and more fun, because I’ve done this more often now. My daughter (10) likes a challenge, so this time a children’s party with an Escaperoom ‘just’ at home. You can also rent them and have them delivered to your home. And that’s when the fun begins. We were sent two suitcases for Flight 523. The introductory video showed what was expected of the children. An airplane is in distress and they must ensure that it does not have to make an emergency landing. The children were already very excited before the party. You get 60 minutes for the Escaperoom at home. Of course you can continue playing afterwards if you didn’t make it.

What’s in the suitcase?

You rent a ready-made escape box with all the necessities for an Escaperoom experience. The Escaperoom can be delivered to your home, but also to another location. When I opened the briefcase for Flight 532 I knew it was going to be okay. It all looked very neat. Everything you need is in the Escaperoom box that will be sent to you at home, including objects that you can put in the room. In addition, material to write and of course puzzles to crack the code. You also need a laptop for the instruction(s) and the time that runs along. If you work with multiple teams, you need the same number of laptops. Flight 523 is an Escaperoom for a maximum of 8 children. We had 12 children, so 2 suitcases and 2 laptops.

And the guidance of the Escaperoom?

You will have to do the guidance yourself. That is not a problem at all. There is a manual in the Escaperoom box. The manual is practical and simple. Preparing it takes about 10 minutes per box. I have read the manual 2 times because I want to be well prepared. But, that was also enough. During the game you can occasionally refer to the manual. It also states after how much time you can give any helpful tips. Flight 523 is just exciting and complicated enough. Well-structured for the age group 9 to 12 years. The start is still quite fast. Then it gets exciting. Both teams made it within time, but in the last 10 minutes it was still questionable whether they would succeed.

What are the costs for an Escape room at home?

A box costs € 60 excluding certificates. If you want certificates, this costs € 1.50 extra. In total, the costs are for 2 boxes, including certificates, insurance and shipping costs €170.50. Returning the boxes is also very simple. There was a laminated bag on the suitcases and the return labels are in the box. It is therefore a matter of putting these labels in the address envelope and taking them to the post. And so the Escaperoom goes back. Result? A number of exhausted, but very satisfied children. For comparison, if I go to a trampoline park (1.5 hours of jumping) for a children’s party with 12 children (including chips, ice cream and drink), I will have lost more than € 275. And if I go to an indoor playground, it will cost me more than € 155 with 12 children (excluding food, but unlimited lemonade).

And why an Escaperoom at home?

Well, why not. It’s actually very easy and just as expensive or cheaper as going anywhere. Then you can immediately relax on your own couch. It’s a good place to be after work done. The children are picked up at home and you are already at home. It gives the same experience as an Escape Room elsewhere. You can provide your own food and drinks. I was a little hesitant about the subject at first. A plane that could crash, isn’t that too scary for this age group? But, my fears turned out to be unfounded. They loved it! The only downside was that a required key for one box turned out to be in the other. We found that out quickly, plus there are always spare keys in the box.

Awesome! Because, if you can make it, but it is also difficult. Then you can be even happier if you make it.

Aisha (10)

More information

Codekrakers rents out various Escaperooms for your home. By the way, it is also possible on location, because the Escaperooms can also be rented by companies. The prices are the same for all boxes:

  • €60 for 1 box
  • €110 for 2 boxes
  • € 20 for a new team (the same escape room can then be played twice in a row)
  • € 4.50 insurance (this covers damage, forgotten items to be returned (up to 20 euros) and late delivery by PostNL)
  • € 1.50 for certificates

If you want, you can also pick up the box in Hollandscheveld (Drenthe).

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