an affordable alternative to traditional fireplaces

A fireplace is an absolute asset to any home. You enjoy a pleasant warmth, an unprecedented cosiness and a beautiful design. Moreover, you currently have the choice of several types of fireplaces. This enables you to choose the perfect fireplace for your home.

There is a good chance that you will soon end up at one of the electric fireplaces. In many cases, these fireplaces are seen as the better replacement for traditional fireplaces. This has several reasons, which you can read more about below.


In any case, it is a fact that an electric fireplace is affordable. In fact, such a fireplace is a lot more affordable than a traditional fireplace. This is actually for two reasons.

Firstly, the purchase price of an electric fireplace is not too bad. In recent years, more and more electric fireplaces have entered the market, with the various brands competing against each other. This has worked out favorably for the consumer. As a result, prices have become increasingly competitive.

Secondly, the consumption costs stand out positively. For example, do you have a Jacobus wood-burning stove in your home? Then you have to invest in the necessary firewood. This is an ongoing investment, the final amount of which can increase considerably over the entire term. With an electric fireplace you ‘only’ have to deal with the electricity costs. For example, if you have your own solar panels, you can use the electric fireplace for free, as it were.

Beautiful appearance

With an electric fireplace you enjoy a beautiful appearance. This advantage is partly due to the beautiful flames, but also to the design of the fire itself. Moreover, you have many more options in terms of placement with an electric fireplace.

Did you know, for example, that you can have an electric fireplace built into a wall? You do not need space for the fireplace, but you do enjoy all possible benefits. Of course it is also possible to opt for a ‘normal’ free-standing electric fireplace.

Nice to operate

Do you opt for an electric fireplace? Then you will be able to accurately determine the temperature of the stove. In some cases you can even do this remotely, thanks to control via your smartphone. Thanks to this fine operation, you keep all the strings in your own hands. Ideal.

In other words: an electric fireplace definitely has a lot to offer. Do the above benefits also appeal to you? Then it is important to look for the best buy. Make a list of your wishes, take a good look at the range and determine which decorative fire you prefer. At least you have plenty of choice at the moment.

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