In recent months, the capabilities to create text, images, video and more using generative AI have attracted a lot of attention worldwide

Last week, Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched a suite of tools that make it easy for businesses of all types to apply generative AI to their own applications.

Swami Sivasubramanian, VP of Databases, Analytics and Machine Learning at AWS, explains in this blog how AWS has made the core components of Generative AI readily available to developers and businesses.

Like all forms of AI, generative AI builds on so-called Foundation Models (FMs) that have been trained on large amounts of data. This includes both large language models (LLMs) and text-to-image models. AWS’s new services include tools to work with third-party FMs as well as access to AWS’s own FMs, cloud infrastructure specifically designed to train AI models, and AI-assisted coding tools. It is expected that new architectures will emerge in the future and that this diversity of FMs will start a wave of innovation and drive new levels of productivity within companies.

Specifically, AWS is launching four services:

  • Amazon Bedrock – a complete service to build and scale generative AI applications that provide API access to FMs from AI21Labs, Anthropic and Stability AI, and AWS-developed Amazon Titan FMs, among others.

  • Amazon EC2 Inf2 instances on AWS Inferentia2 chips – these custom-designed instances are optimized for generative AI and offer high performance, high energy efficiency, and low cost.

  • TRN1n instances on AWS Trainium chips – specifically designed for training generative AI models.

  • Amazon CodeWhisperer – AWS’ AI-powered code tool is now available to everyone.

“We believe these new services are a huge step forward in democratizing access to generative AI. They give our customers the flexibility to build custom applications that can combine pre-trained AI models with customers’ own data,” said Swami. Sivasubramanian.

AWS has much more in store and is excited about what organizations will build with generative AI on AWS. It should be possible for developers of all skill levels and organizations of all sizes to innovate using generative AI. This is just the beginning of what will be the next wave of machine learning that will open up new possibilities.

Knowing more? Read the full blog post here.

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