Amazon CodeWhisperer is a free alternative to GitHub Copilot

AWS introduces the free AI tool CodeWhisperer. The tool allows developers to write code faster and more securely based on AI-based suggestions, making it one alternative to GitHub Copilot.

The AI-based coding tool provides developers with several code suggestions during the coding process. This allows them to write their code faster and more securely and to concentrate more easily on their work. They don’t have to interrupt their workflows and leave their code editor to look for information elsewhere.


According to AWS, the tool is suitable for creating code for routine and time-consuming tasks or collaborating with unfamiliar APIs or SDKs. Amazon CodeWhisperer also correctly and effectively uses existing AWS APIs and other common coding scenarios such as file read/write, image processing, and unit test writing.

AWS has also taken the necessary security measures so that the tool works responsibly. Code proposals that may be biased or unfair are automatically filtered out.

In addition, the tool automatically filters or flags code suggestions that may resemble certain open-source training data. Furthermore, the tool applies security scanning to find and recommend code suggestions for hard-to-find vulnerabilities.

Other features

Amazon CodeWhisperer, which resembles GitHub’s Copilot in its functionality, is available in a free and a “professional” version. This latest version also has administrative features such as SSO and IAM Identity Center.

The tool also works with the code languages ​​Python, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, Go, Rust, PHP, Ruby, Kotlin, C, C++, Shell scripting, SQL and Scala.

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