Allow staff to work remotely? Arrange this!

A nice legacy of the time of lockdowns is that working from home has become very normal. Companies in the IT and tech world already recognized the importance of this, but this has now become common practice in every company where it is possible. However, some things are also needed to make people really enjoy working at home. Now that it is structural, it is advisable to arrange not only the essentials, but also extra matters for your employees. This will immediately increase job satisfaction and effectiveness. What things can you arrange? Read on quick.

Own app

You undoubtedly have your own site for customers, as well as a WhatsApp group for your staff. But you can also go a step further and have a special app made for internal use only. From a chat function to HR matters, you can hardly imagine it or it can all be clustered in one app these days. The big advantage is that it is much more user-friendly for employees, and therefore also ensures more involvement in the office. Also schedules about workplaces in the office, holidays and birthdays can all be integrated in one app. As well as things from the existing HRM system. Duration? Works great. You can have an app made in Amsterdam at a very attractive rate and the result is beautiful.

Offline business

In addition to the fact that online matters must be well organized for your staff, you should certainly not forget the importance of offline matters when working remotely. Think of a nice desk, good chair and desktop PC. This ensures that job satisfaction also increases immediately and also that, for example, RSI complaints are prevented. Set aside a budget for this and invest in it. Your employees will appreciate it. Ultimately, you also save on things like travel allowance and office space. It is also advisable to have something nice or tasty delivered every now and then, after all, the birthday treats are also missed.

In short, investing in your staff is still very important when working remotely. By keeping an eye on the well-being of your employees, you show respect for their commitment and loyalty. Something that is very important in today’s tight labor market. Because another employer is easily found, but people do not easily leave the familiar nest when they are still there to their full satisfaction.

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