All corona rules and measures in Greece

Are you going on holiday to Greece soon because of the positive travel advice? A wonderful prospect. This season, most of the restrictions and corona measures surrounding the virus seem to have almost all been lifted. Wondering what the current entry restrictions are and what the local corona measures are? We have listed them for you and they will be updated as soon as there are changes to the corona rules in Greece.

Also read the frequently asked questions about the corona rules

Corona measures when entering Greece

At the moment, there are not many measures left if you want to travel into Greece.

  • Wearing a face mask is no longer mandatory at the airport and on the plane
  • Completing the PLF is no longer necessary since March 15, 2022
  • A negative PCR test is no longer necessary

Travelers may be asked at the airport to do a rapid test. It is mandatory to cooperate. In case of a positive result, a 14-day quarantine period is mandatory.

Corona rules in Greece itself

The following corona measures apply in public life in Greece.

  • Face masks are no longer mandatory in museums, archaeological sites and open-air cinemas since 1 June
  • Wearing a face mask outside has been canceled as of March 15th
  • Face masks are still mandatory in public transport (city buses, metro and trams), hospital and care locations

Please note: although the use of face masks is no longer mandatory everywhere, you can still request them. For example, at the airport or in some shops. A face mask is mandatory in public transport. Please respect this and keep this in mind as well.

Frequently asked questions about the corona rules

We have collected a number of frequently asked questions and answers for you.

Can I enter Greece without restrictions by plane, boat or car?

Yes, there are currently no different restrictions based on the mode of transport. In terms of pleasure yachts, there is a maximum of 49 people on board.

Are hotels open in Greece?

Yes. Hotels are open as usual, following the guidelines that have been set.

Do I still have to show a corona proof in Greece?

No. Showing a corona certificate is no longer necessary for accommodations, restaurants, cafes, museums and archaeological sites, etc. There are also no restrictions on the maximum number of people allowed.

Can I go wherever I want in Greece without restrictions?

Yes, you can fill in your holiday as you are used to without restrictions. There is no curfew active.

Can I travel within Greece by train, bus, plane or ferry?

Yes, that’s possible. There are no corona rules regarding domestic travel in Greece. Regardless of which means of transport. On the boat, a face mask is mandatory in the indoor areas on board. No face mask is mandatory on cruise ships, unless more than 2% of the passengers on board become infected with covid-19. Or if more than 4% of the crew becomes infected within a week. Or if more than 1% of all passengers on board become infected with covid-19 within 48 hours

Is a face mask mandatory in Greece?

No, that’s not it. However, it is recommended to wear a face mask in busy areas. And a face mask is advised if you have a high risk of becoming seriously ill.

Are there any corona rules I should know about public transport in Greece?

It is mandatory to wear a face mask or an fp2 mask when using the metro, bus, trolleybus, tram, tour bus or taxi. You can be fined if you do not wear a face mask in the aforementioned modes of transport.

Where can I take a covid test during my holiday in Greece?

If you need a screening for SARA-CoV-2 before your return journey, download the Visit Greece App. It lists all Covid-19 test locations in Greece.

What are the costs for a corona test in Greece?

A PCR test costs around €60 and a rapid test (antigen test) around €20.

What should I do if I test positive for covid-19?

If you test positive before returning, you must inform the manager of your accommodation. Take all necessary measures and follow the instructions you receive during the period of self-isolation. Self-isolation lasts at least five days.

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See also This article was last updated on 2023-02-20 and no rights can be derived from this information. The information has been compiled with the greatest care, but details may differ per region. If in doubt, check with your travel provider.

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