all about the biggest Apple Watch update ever

This year watchOS 10 will be released for the Apple Watch – and it will be the biggest watchOS update ever, according to insiders. What are the new watchOS 10 features? And is it also suitable for your Apple Watch? Read more!

watchOS 10 release date

watch OS 10

Apple officially announces watchOS 10 during its WWDC keynote. This software event will take place on Monday 5 June this year. On this day, all new functions and apps for the Apple Watch are presented in detail. It’s also when Apple announces iOS 17, macOS 14, and other operating systems.

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The watchOS 10 release date is likely mid-September 2023. This coincides with iOS 17, the major update for the iPhone. As of this writing, watchOS 10 is free to download. If you can’t wait for the new functions, it will also be possible to install a public beta of the new watchOS around July.

watchOS 10 support: which Apple Watch is compatible?

Apple Watch Series 8 review

A new watchOS update usually heralds the end of the oldest Apple Watch model that supports the current operating system. For example, last year watchOS 9 marked the end of the older Apple Watch Series 3.

Now the Apple Watch Series 4 is the oldest Apple Watch that can still handle the latest operating system. There is a chance that it will not receive support for watchOS 10, but we will not know for sure until the operating system is announced on June 5.

You can most likely just update more recent Apple smartwatches. These Apple Watch models almost certainly have watchOS 10 support:

watchOS 10: new features

In recent years, watchOS updates haven’t been that spectacular. It often didn’t get much more exciting than some extra dials. That will be different in 2023. According to well-informed Apple insider Mark Gurman of Bloomberg watchOS 10 will be the biggest update to the Apple Watch ever.


Apple wants to introduce a new interface with watchOS 10, which gives the operating system a new, fresh look. Gurman reports this. In addition, there will be other major innovations, in particular to compensate for the relatively boring year that the Watch will have in 2023 in terms of new hardware.

It is not yet known which new watchOS 10 functions will come. We’ll know on June 5 – and we expect Gurman to lift a tip of the veil before then. When we know more, you can read it on the iCreate website. Do you want to stay informed of developments? Sign up for our newsletter:

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