Alderweireld full of euphoria after Antwerp hit: “Tactical plan came out perfectly”

Antwerp won again, but again it was difficult. This time captain Toby Alderweireld did not have to provide the winning goal, but he was again involved.

One minute before Muja’s opening goal, Alderweireld made another ultimate tackle to stop Messaoudi’s shot. Then he celebrated Muja’s goal together with the bench. A striking image because Butez also walked towards Alderweireld and Van Bommel.

Euphoria because the pre-assist came from the captain or because he had just been the lifesaver in the back? “Not exactly,” Alderweireld says after the game. “Tactically, we knew that Kortrijk would play a lot with the long ball and that there would be space there when we had the ball. It is just great that something like this comes out,” it sounds.

“Then you should worry”

The goal of redemption was after Antwerp kept colliding with Kortrijk defender Watanabe or even killed the chances. “We just deserve to win but forget to reward ourselves in the first half. We were able to lead 1-0 after fifteen minutes and then quickly score extra to finish the game easier. Now you have to be satisfied with three points because that is ultimately the most important thing.”

Alderweireld is not worried about the fact that it was difficult again. “That should only be done if we didn’t create chances. We do and we put in another 18 clean sheets, something unseen. It’s great that Muja now scores because he comes from far, you shouldn’t underestimate what a difference in level he has undergone this season (from the Kosovan league to Belgium) And I do think he can take some steps,” he concludes promisingly

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