Akamai Expands Connected Cloud

Akamai has announced new cloud services. Customers who use Connected Cloud can count on lower and more predictable costs, according to the company.

Akamai is a major player in content delivery. Well-known services such as Hulu and BBC iPlayer use Akamai’s video streaming technology. The announcement of new features for Connected Cloud comes on the occasion of the American NAB 2023 (National Association of Broadcasters conference).


The innovation in the service can be found in the advanced support of applied Common Media Client Data (CMCD). This means that Akamai can process playback data returned by video streaming devices. It means that video content can make intelligent use of ‘pre-fetching’: by predicting what the user will watch later, this content can be loaded in advance. This speeds up the start up of a video stream and can prevent buffering. In addition to these benefits for the user, stream providers receive more behavioral data from these users.

Another new feature allows companies to ‘stitch’ location- and time-specific content within a stream, enabling companies to adhere to local restrictions on violent or rights-related content, for example.

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