‘After pushing six times, the baby came’

A delivery is exciting enough when you are at home or in the hospital, let alone when it happens in a place where you don’t expect it. This is how Shannen gave birth on Sunday evening along the A13 motorway, on the hard shoulder.

Shannen was on her way to the hospital with her partner Luca. When they got to the exit at Delft, the baby decided it was time to come.

Loved on the emergency lane

When it became clear to Shannen that the delivery was imminent and they were not going to make it to the hospital, Luca pulled over to the side of the highway. The midwife who drove in front of them also stopped and came to the rescue. The police and ambulance also came to the scene to help. Shortly afterwards, the daughter of the two was born on the hard shoulder.

The paramedics kept the girl, named Bente, warm by wrapping her in blankets and took mother and daughter by ambulance to the nearest hospital. The father and midwife drove after it.

Father Luke

In the morning show of radio 538, Wietze and Klaas spoke with Luca, Bente’s father. The most important thing is immediately reported: mother and daughter are doing well, they had a good night.

Luca tells how the delivery started: “The waters broke in the afternoon and an hour later Shannen started to have contractions. We called the midwife and an hour later Shannen was four centimeters dilated.”

Shannen and Luca wanted to go to the hospital before the worst contractions came. Although it is of course not very pleasant to sit in the car with contractions, because you cannot move well. “Halfway, Shannen couldn’t take it anymore and then I parked the car on the emergency lane. It just couldn’t go on. The midwife drove in front of us and saw us stop, so she stopped too.

Then I ran back to the midwife’s car to pack a suitcase of things and threw open the doors of my car, so my girlfriend had a little privacy. Then it started and after pushing six or seven times the baby came out. It was very fast on the hard shoulder,” jokes Luca.

This woman gave birth in the wild and shows it all in this video

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Shannen gave birth on the A13 motorway: ‘The baby came after six to seven pushes’

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