After all the drama, Hailey Bieber picks up cooking with her own cooking show

We cannot ignore the fact that Hailey Bieber is enterprising. That she likes food is also no news. On YouTube we can now see her with her own cooking show, called What’s in my kitchen. Since all the drama surrounding her and Selena Gomez, she has now picked up cooking again and is posting a video again after two months.

Not to spread new rumors, but… don’t we already know someone with her own cooking show?

Hailey Bieber is launching her own cooking show

We’ve seen Hailey Bieber in the media a lot of times lately – the feud between her and Selena, the negativity surrounding Rhode’s campaign images, and being canceled by the media are just a few to name a few. Not many people expected that they are posting a video again.

Negative and positive

Hailey has shown her cooking skills on YouTube before, but kept her distance from making videos during times of drama. So now she’s making another one comeback on YouTube, but not without some struggle. The internet is not so quick to let go and despite all the positive reactions, there are still a few bad apples among them.

Quite some love

Fortunately, there are many people who find it especially cool how Hailey deals with all the drama. This is how someone reacted under the video: “I sincerely love how you’ve persevered through all of the chaos lately. You haven’t allowed it to take away the things you enjoy doing and the videos you like to make. Always a stan, ilysm”.

Another follower commented below: “Hailey is my inspiration for staying calm, collected, smiley and graceful in rough days. I love her”. So the positivity has returned a bit in the reactions to Hialey and we can only be happy about that.

Don’t talk, cook

You can see that Hailey no longer tries to care much about the negativity. She remains active on social media and has not responded to the gossip that has been spread about her since the drama with Selena. In the meantime she has delighted us with a cooking video in which she shows how she makes her ultimate chicken wings prepares. Thank you Hailey.

Wait a minute, are the Kardashians invited to the Met Gala this year after all?

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Hailey Bieber comes after all the drama with her own cooking show

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