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The first option is useful if you want to send the Word document digitally, so that the recipients can make their selection and tick boxes. Option 2 is the classic way, for when you want to print a survey and have it physically completed with a pen or pencil.

Option 1- Step 1: Activate Developer Tab

To create fillable forms with checkboxes, you must first bring up the Developer tab in Word’s ribbon. Open a Word document, click on the File heading and then on Options at the very bottom. In the dialog box that appears, choose Customize Ribbon from the menu on the left. Then look in the list on the right under Main Tabs and scroll until you see the unchecked Developer. Check it and press OK.

To create checkboxes you need the Developer tab.

Option 1 – Step 2: Add checkboxes

Then place your cursor in front of the items in a list that you want to include in a check box. Then select the Developer tab in the ribbon and look for the icon with the green check mark in the third section. Each time you click that, Word creates a clickable checkbox. As far as we know, there is no option to check all items at once. You can copy and paste the element quickly for each answer. Click in the box to check it or not. Well, that was pretty easy.

This is how you make beautiful, clickable checkboxes.

Option 2 – Step 1: Define new bullet

The second option to create a check box can be used if you plan to print a questionnaire and therefore just need empty squares that present nicely. We do this in the form of a bullet point. Go to the Home tab and press the arrow next to the bullet icon. Then choose Define New Bullet at the bottom.

You can define an empty checkbox (or any other symbol) as a bullet.

Option 2 – Step 2: Insert a symbol

Then click on Symbol… and you will see almost all copies that Windows has. The check box you are looking for is under Webdings 2. You can search that list or enter Character code 163 to immediately arrive at the empty check box. Of course you are free to choose any symbol. Press OK and your list will be provided with the symbol as a checkbox. You can then select more text and press the bullet symbol to put a checkbox in front of everything. Your document is ready to print and fill out.

This is an alternative way to create checkboxes in Word.

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