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I really learned to drink coffee. Where tea was poured into me as a child with the teaspoon in it, I found coffee undrinkable. Until I became a mother and could really use the caffeine infusion.

What I find important in all my purchases is the origin. Do I drink pure coffee? The origin and fairly paid farmers are decisive for me whether or not to buy a brand of coffee. Then a delicious sugar-free iced coffee suddenly tastes a lot better in this warm weather!

How do I select my coffee?

I think organic coffee beans are an advantage. I think the origin is less important in terms of taste. The farmer who grew the coffee beans must have received a good price for it. So I prefer to buy more expensive coffee beans of which it can be clearly traced that they have been purchased fairly.

I do pay attention to which roast the coffee beans have. Lightly roasted coffee beans have a softer taste, so your cup of coffee does not quickly taste sour or bitter. That’s my favourite. Lightly roasted coffee beans also contain the most caffeine, which is nice if you can use a caffeine boost haha.

I also like to make my own coffee beans. That smell of freshly ground coffee beans is simply delicious and really enhances the taste. Preferably still brewed as slow coffee. You take a little more time for your tasty drink than if you drop a capsule in a machine.

We are so used to wanting everything now and yesterday in these fast times. Taking the time for a conscious cup of coffee is literally a moment of slowing down and standing still. A chemex is therefore still on my wish list, it gives such a delicious taste! I usually use a French Press now, but a chemex is next level tasty coffee.

What’s your favorite coffee?

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