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When I was pregnant with Ellie (and that was already six years ago), it wasn’t easy to find a cool and original card. The offer was not very large unless you let someone design your card. At that time we were mainly looking for a ticket within our budget. In the end we had her card designed by Uncle Sam. Now six years later, the range is so much bigger and I would like to take you through the Ticket2go site. The perfect place if you are looking for a personalized birth announcement.

A personalized birth announcement

Large selection of birth announcements

At Ticket 2 go you can do it yourself make birth announcements. Because of their wide range you can certainly find something that suits you. You will immediately see when you open the site that the designs are extremely varied. Always fun to scroll through.

But don’t forget to use the filters to find your ideal ticket. You can filter by style, trend, theme and gender. For example, you can find quickly birthday cards for boys by using the filter on the left of your screen. As you can see there is enough choice for every ‘gender’, even for those who want to go for a neutral ticket, there is plenty of choice.

A personalized birth announcement

Easy software

Once you have chosen a card, you can select it and completely adjust it in the software. At the bottom you can see what you can adjust, in this case that is the front, inside left and right and the back.

You can fill in the name, extra text. You can adjust everything to your own needs and wishes. A super user-friendly software that helps you to make a card completely your own.

If you create an account, you can save the design. That way you can work on it yourself when you have time.

A personalized birth announcement

Free proof

And last but not least. What I also think is a great addition is that you can get a free proof. This way you can see how your ticket will look when it arrives in your mailbox, always a little different than a ticket on your screen.

With your proof you will also receive a package with samples of their luxury paper types and colored envelopes.

Have fun designing,


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