A penthouse with a consistent story

Warm blend of art color and materials

The contact between the clients and Studio Marijn Kramer dates back three years. There was a good click right away. When the couple came across this apartment, they asked Marijn and Rosa to furnish the house. Because the interior architects were involved in the construction process of the residential tower from the start, they had a lot of say in the layout of the spaces. With regard to this layout, the owners of the penthouse had one big wish: the kitchen had to be the heart of the house. Furthermore, the apartment had to become a warm home. The residents are avid art collectors. Art therefore had to become part of the interior. In close consultation with the clients, Marijn and Rosa coordinated the use of materials, colors and objects in such a way that the end result became a harmonious whole. The subdued colors of the works of art run like a red thread through the various rooms. Even the architecture of the residential tower itself, such as the bronze details on the facade, has been implemented in the design

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