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In the Netherlands we have quite a lot of cool museums and experiences that have to do with technology. One audiovisual experience after another pops up in Amsterdam, not to mention selfie museums. Fortunately, there are also museums that dive a little deeper into the tech. Evoluon in Brabant, for example. We paid a visit to this Eindhoven eye-catcher with the entire editorial staff.


It looks a bit like a UFO, the old Philips building in which Evoluon is located. The funny thing is that it also transports you to another world in a way. A kind of other planet on which technology is already much further than it is now. When you enter, you will see posters hanging at the top with famous people who have done something great in the world of STEM subjects. Impressive to see: a tribute from clever minds, although we think there could have been a little more women and people of color. Hopefully we will write history in the near future, because Evoluon shows that this can be done in many different ways.



The museum is divided into different categories. One is more about space travel, the other more about how we will deal with hunting animals in the future, for example. There is also a super cool virtual reality experience, although you need separate tickets for that. However, your visit without that VR experience is no less fantastic. It is a museum that does not so much tell you how it is with paintings and captions, but a museum that challenges you to think for yourself about what technology means to you and when it goes too far for you.

In that respect, it really is a museum to visit with someone else and to discuss what you think (yes, so also ideal for a date). How do you experience technology, what frightens you, what do you hope? Evoluon is really a good gymnastics exercise for the brain in that respect. You really go in differently than you leave, even if you don’t deal with technology every day. Perhaps precisely then, because then you notice how great the influence of tech actually is on your life.


The future in tech

Moreover, there are also very current problems and that appeals. That is ultimately what technology is for: solving problems. These can be very everyday small things, but also, for example, the housing problem. A huge issue for which there are of course several solutions, although it depends on how far into the future you look in terms of what is possible. And that’s what Evoluon is for. It offers a little bit of dystopia, it offers a little bit of hope, and you can navigate through that.

We have already touched on it, but the location is also very special. You walk through the rings of the UFO to discover everything and there is a fairly clear route, which makes it nice because you don’t always have to worry about missing things. But at the same time it is also a lot. You are shown so many different concepts and you have to put your brain to work in such a way that it might be even better to visit Evoluon in two sessions. You immediately have twice as much fun.


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