A French bed as a luxury bed? A good choice!

More choice does not make choosing easier. With a good bed, there are various options such as the dimensions of the mattress. Not sure which bed is right for you? Then a French bed as a luxury bed might be something for you! Or for you, because two people can also sleep comfortably in this size bed. To help you choose, we have listed the advantages and some points for attention on this page.

What is a French bed?

A single bed usually has a mattress of 90×200 centimeters. A double bed is usually 160×200 or 180×200 centimeters. For people who are tall, you can also buy beds with a length of 210 or 220 centimeters. Then there is the doubter category where various sizes are available, such as:

  • 100×200
  • 120×200
  • 140×200

Or extra long in 210 or 220 centimeters. So there is quite a bit of variation within the category of doubters. The smaller sizes are especially popular as a wide single bed, while the larger sizes are more suitable for two people. Why would you go for a French bed? Here are some benefits of these intermediate sizes:

  • More space for restless sleepers.
  • People who are somewhat taller and/or thicker are better.
  • Save space in a small room.
  • Extra space for a child.

The benefits indicate that the target group is very diverse. For example, restless sleepers run less risk of falling over the edge, while couples in a small apartment can gain precious centimeters of space. Do you have a child who has trouble sleeping alone or do you like to get into bed with your children? Even then a doubter can offer a solution.

Why choose a luxury bed?

Because doubters are sold less than the standard sizes, the prices will be slightly higher than the average. If you opt for a different size, it is smart to opt for a more luxurious option. For example, a fairly wide bed must provide sufficient support for several people. Also as a single bed for someone who is heavier than average, the bed including mattress must be comfortable. Even if you are looking for a bed with a different size, it is possible to opt for luxury options such as an electric box spring or FPS technology for optimal relaxation while sleeping. De Suite is the specialist in luxury beds in all sizes, including doubters. Take away all doubts and visit the showroom in Moordrecht. There you will receive tailor-made advice for the perfect luxury bed.

Disadvantages of a French bed

Are there also disadvantages with a doubter as a bed? Custom fitted sheets with elastic are a bit more difficult to find than for the standard sizes. However, they are available and you can also fold a larger fitted sheet around the mattress. Pillows and duvets usually fit well on the different sizes, that will not be a problem. When replacing a mattress or for maintenance, there are fewer shops where you can go, but you can of course just go to the shop where you bought the bed. Do you like a doubtful bed or does a smaller size fit better in your bedroom? Let De Suite advise you without obligation and discover all the benefits for yourself.

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