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Interior advice for a new look

Have you just made a fresh start and bought a house or rented a place to live? Or have you been living in your home for a while and you are ready for a change? Then of course you can choose to just leave your interior for what it is and just keep the style you’re used to. But that might be a bit boring. For many people, changing the interior has a positive effect on the state of mind and provides positive stimulation and inspiration. But where should you start? You may have ideas, but not the right insight into colors or materials. Then interior advice is highly recommended, if you want to do it right the first time without having to move furniture or change the colors on your walls afterwards.

Find your interior stylist on Homedeal.nl

Yes, there are special interior stylists for in and around the house who use their expertise to determine exactly what is beautiful in your home. Of course with your taste and wishes in mind. But the stylist will give you new insights and give direction to your taste, you will come up with new ideas and learn to enjoy new colors and styles. You can help the interior stylist with your wishes by making a mood board. This is a digital collage to visualize an idea in an attractive way. Take notes, draw on them, and transfer your thoughts to the board to gain insight. The second important step is to find an interior stylist on Homedeal, where you will find the best specialists for in and around your home.

Which advice suits you?

It is important to determine what your budget is. That is why there are various options in terms of advice that you can choose from. You have the short, extensive and complete interior advice.

It’s the cheapest brief advice: a personal conversation that takes a few hours where the interior stylist answers your questions. Color advice using color samples and examples are shown and afterwards you will receive an advice report.

The comprehensive advice usually consists of a 2D or a 3D visualization of the space to be tackled, with a floor plan to scale. Advice on all materials needed along with a list of items and where to buy them. And of course color advice.

If you want to do it all right, choose it complete advice. These are all options of the extensive advice plus the plan that is presented to your home. The items for your interior are purchased, the space is divided for you according to the interior plan and a complete styling of the space is included.

Via Homedeal.nl you choose the interior stylist that suits you and who lives in your area. Because that not only saves on call-out costs. The stylist lives in the area and may already know the houses. Have fun with your new layout!

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