8 Best Games to Keep Your Dog Entertained Indoors

As a dog owner, you know how important it is to challenge your dog mentally and physically. But sometimes, for example during bad weather, it is difficult to let your dog play outside. Fortunately, there are plenty of indoor games that your dog will find challenging and entertaining. Here are 8 tips to keep your dog entertained and strengthen your bond.

1. Play hide and seek

hide and seek with the dog

This classic game is fun for both dogs and their owners. You hide a treat and let your dog find it. You can make this game increasingly difficult by hiding the candy in hard-to-reach places. Some dogs already know exactly how this game works, so it is no longer even necessary to hide a treat. You can also hide yourself and let your dog find you. Sometimes it is useful to make a small noise to help your dog find you. Did your dog find you once? Then he will be super happy and of course he deserves a candy as a reward.

2. Dice

Make a dice board with different commands and let your dog throw. The assignments can range from performing tricks to finding candies. As an owner you can also play this game to choose from different tricks that you have been wanting to teach your dog for some time. With the help of Youtube videos it is super easy to teach your dog all sorts of things. That way you have fun together.

3. Puzzles

dog puzzle

Dog puzzles come in a variety of sizes and levels of difficulty. They challenge your dog to think and look for rewards hidden under pieces of cardboard or plastic. Good for their brain and physical activity during the day.

4. Exercises

Dogs that have to stay indoors often don’t get enough exercise. Therefore, take advantage of the time indoors to train your dog through different exercises such as sit, stay and follow. Do you have a garden? Then this is a nice bonus. Throw a ball into the yard and have your dog return the ball to you. Nowadays you also have automatic ball throwers that you only have to plug into the socket and the rest happens automatically. Your dog can also enjoy himself in this way and will also get sufficient exercise. So a win-win situation.

5. Playing with toys

toy dog

Dogs love toys and there are many different types available that are specifically designed to entertain dogs. From cuddly toys to chew bones, puzzles and balls. You can keep your dog entertained for hours by giving him new toys. Try giving new toys alternately to keep your dog from getting bored and bathe them every so often.

During rainy days, for example, it is also fun to play a game with your dog at home. For example, you have a dog casino. This is a game where your dog has to flip sliders to get to the treat. You challenge your dog with this and they can put their energy into this, so that they are nice and tired afterwards. You can see exactly how it works here in this tutorial. Are you inspired by the game and do you feel like trying out a casino game yourself afterwards? There are plenty of games available online. For example, you have entertaining games of chance where you also get paid quickly. Curious about the possibilities? View the best options from fast-paying online casinos here.

6. Teach tricks

Dogs love challenges and learning new tricks is a great way to keep them entertained. Whether it’s simple commands like ‘sit’ or ‘stay’ or more advanced tricks like ‘play dead’. Your dog will always be happy to practice and learn.

7. Exhausts

Dogs also need physical activity, so try to walk your dog at least twice a day. This could be a walk, a game in the yard, or any other activity. Just make sure your dog has enough time to play and relax. During a walk it is quite possible that other dogs can be seen. To monitor your dog’s social behavior
it is good that it comes into contact with other dogs from puppyhood. This way he knows how to deal with other dogs and learns to play in a fun way.

8. Hugging and petting

cuddling with the dog

Dogs love to cuddle and be petted. So try to make time to cuddle and pet your dog. This will not only entertain him, but also help him relax. Especially when your dog comes to you, you can be sure that it wants your attention.

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