7x tips to do your shopping as cheaply as possible

We’re thinking harder than ever: how can we minimize our grocery costs without eating the same thing every day? Fair is fair, really cheap will be difficult, but we do have some tips for you to at least be able to do your shopping a little cheaper.

7x tips to do your shopping as cheaply as possible

The market

With dot on 1: the market. In addition to a cozy atmosphere, the market is also the location for affordable ingredients. And we are not talking about the weekly organic market right in the center of Amsterdam, but about the daily version around the corner. Investigate the differences in price and quality and discover the vegetable stall where you can stock up on a weekly basis.

Gnocchi with sausage, spring vegetables and cheese in a pan
Source: Nancy van Batenburg for Culy


Obvious, but should not be missing from this list: shop offers. And not only at your regular supermarket, but also at the one a little further away, or at your local greengrocer who has been able to buy a lot for little. Another nice bonus: this way you cook more with vegetables from the season anyway.

Eat vegetarian

In addition to being better for the climate, it is also better for the wallet: eating less meat (substitutes). Replace that sausage in your casserole with some feta, or add different beans to your burrito instead of ground beef.

broth from Grana Padano with white beans and vegetables
Source: Winnie Verswijvel

Do the work yourself

It takes a little more work, but then you also spend less – plus it’s so much tastier – cut your own vegetables. Do not buy bags with pre-cut vegetables, after all, the work is done for you and you also pay for it.

The freezer is your friend

Are you the lucky owner of a freezer? That’s lucky because that can also yield you a lot financially. Because that variety is nice, but serving something different 7 days a week can be a challenge for your creativity and your wallet, especially if you cook for 1 person. Our tip: always cook more and freeze it. Another important freezer tip: that of the supermarket is full of frozen fresh vegetables that are often a lot cheaper than those in the fresh department.

Cheap dishes

Recipes with few or cheap ingredients don’t have to be boring at all. On the contrary. Countries such as Italy have become culinary great with it: from dishes with stale bread – for pasta or in the panzanella – to the use of few ingredients.

panzanella caprese
Source: Culy.nl

For several days

It does make a difference: don’t go shopping every day – or every 2 days – to avoid temptations. Make a shopping list for several days. Another tip: use the vegetables on offer several days in a row, but each day for a different dish. For example, use your potatoes on day 1 in a stew and on day 2 in a Spanish tortilla.

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7x tips to do your shopping as cheaply as possible

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