6x recipes with roseval potatoes

Chefs love roseval potatoes because of their thin red skin and because they stay nice and firm after cooking. In which dishes do they come into their own best? Well, fish and chips for instance, or a creamy potato salad.

Roseval potatoes are waxy spuds with a fine structure. They therefore do not fall apart during cooking and are perfect for a potato salad, casserole or in one of the recipes below.

What is the best way to store roseval potatoes?

You do well to store potatoes outside the refrigerator, in a cool and dark place. They turn blue in the refrigerator because the starch is converted into sugar. This creates acrylamide, a substance that can be dangerous if you subsequently heat the ‘refrigerator’ potatoes. This does not apply if you boil the potatoes, they are just a bit sweeter.

Therefore always place potatoes in a dry place, between 8-10°C, and not next to the onions. This speeds up the ripening process of the potatoes, causing them to rot faster.

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Did you know that potatoes are not that Dutch yet?

The Dutch may be potato eaters, but the origin of this tuber lies across the ocean, in South America. Columbus took the potato plant to Spain, where the potato was first grown in monastery gardens, purely for decoration. The colorful flowers were a joy to behold.

However, it took a while before the first potato was eaten in Europe, because it was the food of ‘those savages’ from the Andes mountains. According to the Bible, that could not mean much good.

While there was a serious famine, there was one fellow monk who was not bothered by anything. ‘Hungry? Where?’, the pig ate fat on the new crop. Which eventually led the monks to carefully taste a bite of potato and find out that it didn’t kill you. This was the first step towards the potato revolution: public food number one.

6x recipes with roseval potatoes

haddock with vanilla vinaigrette and rose valfries

Beat the vinaigrette preferably a few hours in advance – or the night before – so that the aroma of the vanilla marrow absorbs well and it tastes extra good with the haddock.

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haddock with roseval fries
whiting fish & chips

Bart van Olphen has cooked side by side with Jamie for his TV show and YouTube channel. Bart: ‘I once made this batter for fish & chips with Jamie for Channel 4, super fun! Heston Blumenthal gave me the idea to add some honey to the batter for a nice colour.’Fancy salmon? Check out these 13 recipes with salmon from the oven.
Fish & Chips
potatoes in thyme-salt crust

Ideal as a side dish next to the barbecue: potatoes from the oven. delicious.friend Yolanda: ‘Making potatoes in a salt crust is really something for the weekend. The skin preserves the potato flavor well. Eat them with a fresh-sour herb cream or crème fraîche with mustard, grill tasty sausages and make a radish salad.’

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potato salt crust
the römertopf: lamb shank with green cabbage and gremolata

On top of the cupboard, hidden in the back of a kitchen cupboard or under the dust in grandma’s attic: the römertopf. Was completely hot in the seventies, but ended up in the dark corner afterwards. It is a terracotta earthenware dish with a lid, which you immerse in water and where you cook vegetables, meat or fish in the oven with little fat. The ‘steaming’ in liquid gives a dish an intense flavour. Ideal for preparing stews, but also lasagna. Extra nice for the waist, because it is a slim method of preparation.

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potato salad with little gem, farmer’s chicken and za’atar dressing

Celebrate summer with this amazing middle eastern potato salad with little gem, farmer’s chicken & za’atar dressing. Also ideal to take to the park, beach or simply your balcony or garden!

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potato salad little gem farmer's chicken |  delicious
creamy casserole with chicken and shallot

This is a recipe for the real chicken lover. Together with the shallots, potatoes and carrots, it makes for a winter casserole. Everything in a casserole, the casserole in the oven and wait. At the table it will be the ultimate enjoyment, and… chewing is allowed.

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chicken casserole-delicious

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