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When your little kid starts to crawl, it’s good to think about safety. Safety is one of the most important things you should pay attention to when it comes to your baby. To prevent falls, it is not an unnecessary luxury to purchase a stair gate. It can be difficult to buy a stair gate as every home is different. To give you an idea, we have listed the five best stair gates for you below.

List of 5 best stair gates

Safety 1st stair gate

The Safety 1st stair gate can be attached with a clamp. This allows you to easily open the gate with one hand. This gate fits in an opening of 73 to 80 centimeters. If the stairwell in your home is larger, you can purchase an extension.

A3 Baby & Kids stair gate

The handy stair gate from A3 Baby & Kids has a closure where you have to perform two actions to open the gate. This means that your little one doesn’t stand a chance to open the gate itself. Fortunately for parents, you can open the gate with one hand. This gate is adjustable from 75.5 to 116 centimeters.

BabyDan stair gate

As a parent, you can easily open this BabyDan stair gate. In addition, this gate is supplied with wall cups and an assembly key. If the stairwell is wider than 86 centimetres, you can use the wallcups. This way your little one cannot climb the stairs.

Noma stair gate

Your house is made safe thanks to the Noma stair gate. This stair gate opens in both directions when you place the gate in the doorway, and in one direction when you place the gate in front of the stairwell. This gate fits in openings from 75 to 82 centimeters and you can extend it to 138 centimeters with extensions.

Bannini stair gate

Dangerous areas are separated with the handy Bannini stair gate. You can easily attach this stair gate with a click system. You can also use this stair gate for openings of 75 to 65 centimetres. You can order extensions separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of a stair gate?

Of course you want to prevent your child from falling down the stairs or entering dangerous areas. With a stair gate you can prevent these annoying situations.

Is a stair gate safe?

If a stair gate is lower than 75 centimetres, it is not safe enough for your child. There is a chance that your child can climb over the fence. Your child should also not be able to open the gate.

How do you attach a stair gate?

First of all, check whether the stair gate fits in the opening. Then read the instructions for the stair gate, because not every stair gate has the same mounting method. Please note, however, that a stair gate with adhesive strips is unsafe.

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