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It makes sense that your baby has trouble falling asleep. It is of course a learning process that is accompanied by peaks and troughs. Fortunately, the sleep trainer has been launched to help your little one fall asleep. This way you as a parent have a good night’s sleep, as well as the little one. Below we list the five best sleep trainers for you.

List of 5 best sleep trainers

Zazu sleep trainer

Your child will learn the sense of time in a very simple way thanks to the Zazu sleep trainer. The sleep trainer goes into sleep mode when your little bantam also goes to sleep. Then the belly of the sheep turns a dark blue color. Thirty minutes before the alarm goes off, the sheep has a green color. As soon as your child is allowed to get out of bed, the sheep has its eyes open.

Kidsleep sleep trainer

The Kidsleep sleep trainer indicates with an illuminated display that it is time to wake up. Your child can also see whether the sun rises and sets on the screen. With this you train your child’s sense of time and your child can also see if he can turn around again.

Alecto sleep trainer

As a parent, you can set the Alecto sleep trainer to a suitable time. The screen of the sleep trainer gives a blue color at night with a moon being displayed. When the set time is reached, the screen turns orange and a sun is shown.

Yobby sleep trainer

Yobby’s sleep trainer is easy to set up. Thanks to the light ring, facial expressions, icons and the display, the sleep trainer lets you know whether it is time to sleep or whether your child can already get out of bed. The screen turns purple thirty minutes before going to sleep. When the screen turns blue, it’s time to go to sleep and the screen turns yellow thirty minutes before your child needs to get up. The green color indicates that it is time to get out of bed.

Easynights sleep trainer

The Easynights sleep trainer is an ideal tool for anyone who has trouble with time awareness. The display turns blue at night and a moon is also shown. When it’s time to get up, the display turns yellow. A sun also appears.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sleep Trainer?

A sleep trainer is an alarm clock that helps your child understand when to get up and when it is still midnight.

What is the benefit of a sleep trainer?

Thanks to a sleep trainer, your child will learn to understand the sense of time. As a result, he will not be at your bedside at five in the morning every day.

Why is my child awake early in the morning?

Toddlers need their afternoon nap. When these are skipped, your child can sleep less well at night or he wakes up very early in the morning. So try to keep that afternoon nap in the rhythm.

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