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It’s part of it once: changing diapers. Many parents find this a tedious job and unfortunately it has to be done eight to ten times a day. Of course, the dirty diapers cannot be left lying around in the house, so a diaper pail is a good option. These buckets have a special closure that ensures that the unpleasant odors cannot enter your home. Below we list the five best diaper pails for you.

List of 5 best diaper pails

Korbell diaper pail

Throw away the dirty diapers in the Korbell diaper pail. This way you can be sure that the bad smells will remain in the bucket. This diaper pail measures 45 x 21 x 25 centimeters with a capacity of fifteen litres.

Ubbi diaper pail

Most diaper pails are made of plastic, which means that odors can escape more quickly. The Ubbi diaper pail is made of powder-coated steel, which does not absorb odors and, moreover, this diaper pail is easy to clean. The size of the diaper pail is 58 x 38 x 27 centimeters.

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We-too diaper pail

Thanks to the diaper pail from We-too, unpleasant odors are a thing of the past. This diaper pail not only looks beautiful in terms of design, it is also very practical: it can hold no fewer than 25 diapers. The dimensions of this diaper pail are 25 x 25 x 46 centimeters.

bébé-jou diaper pail

You can use the bébé-jou diaper pail in the nursery as a rubbish bin for diapers. This stops the bad smells. You can also choose to use this diaper pail as a bucket with which you can fill a bath for your baby. This diaper pail has a handle. The capacity of this diaper pail is fourteen liters.

Tommee Tippee diaper pail

Say goodbye to bad odors with the diaper pail from Tommee Tippee. You simply open the lid, push the waste through a hinge and then close the lid again. The great thing about this diaper pail is that this pail wraps the diapers in a bactericidal foil.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a diaper pail?

A diaper pail is a waste bin especially for dirty diapers. This keeps the bad odors inside the bucket.

Is a diaper pail necessary?

Some people don’t have the opportunity to throw the diapers outside in the bin every time. In that case, a diaper pail is very useful. This way you can be sure that the dirty odors will not spread through your home.

Where should you dispose of dirty diapers?

When the diaper pail is full, you can throw away the dirty diapers in the gray wheelie bin, or with the residual waste.

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