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Did you know that a buggy is also compared to an umbrella? You can easily fold both objects, they are both light and easy to transport. Oh yes, they even have handles in the same design, namely an L-shape. A buggy is a handy item to have if you often go for a walk with your child. To help you on your way, we have listed the five best buggies for you below.

List of 5 best buggies

Bebie’s First Buggy

You can use the buggy from Bebies First from about six months. Due to the light weight of the buggy, 6.6 kilos, you can take this buggy anywhere. In addition, this buggy has swivel wheels, a safety belt and a hood that protects your little one from rain. This buggy is suitable for children up to a maximum of fifteen kilos.

Top brand buggy

The Topmark buggy ensures that you can go out with your child. The buggy has a five-point harness, a rain hood and a shopping basket. You can also adjust the backrest in five different positions, as well as the legrest in two different positions. This buggy is suitable for children up to a maximum of fifteen kilos.

Chicco Buggy

Chicco’s buggy is handy, light and compact. Moreover, you can use this buggy right from birth thanks to the adjustable backrest. In addition, the buggy has a five-point harness, linked brakes, swivel wheels and a padded front bar.

Quinny buggies

Do you often go out with your child and do you have to take the buggy with you? Then Quinny’s buggy is ideal: it only weighs five kilos. This way you can push lightly and this makes the buggy very manoeuvrable. In addition, this buggy has a handy folding system and a carrying strap. This buggy is suitable for children up to a maximum of fifteen kilos.

Hamilton Buggy

The sleek design of the Hamilton buggy makes you shine as a parent. Not only is this buggy nice to see, it is also nice for your little one. The buggy is made of breathable fabrics and your child can sit in different positions. Moreover, you can fold this buggy with just one movement. This buggy is suitable for children up to a maximum of twenty kilos.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a pram and a buggy?

A pram is larger in size and is mainly intended for the first months. A buggy is a smaller means of transport, which you can easily fold after use.

Which is better: a three or four wheel buggy?

A three wheel buggy is more manoeuvrable than a four wheel buggy. However, with a four-wheeled buggy you can get on a platform more easily.

What should I pay attention to when buying a buggy?

First of all, your baby must fit in the buggy in terms of weight. The buggy must also be comfortable enough for your little one. You can also look at the weight of the buggy itself: you as a parent must be able to handle it.

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