5 x legs and butt workouts at home

The fact that the gyms are closed is no excuse for not having to train. Working out from home is super fun and good for your body & mind. hell yea! So get off that couch: ready, get set & go with these 5 workouts for your legs and buttocks!

Legs and butt workout videos for at home

The fact that you can’t go to the gym right now is no excuse for not having to exercise. On our website there are lots of fun workout videos that you can do at home. Even I, as a big gym fan, now follow a workout from Marlou’s online training program Hello New You three times a week. The workouts are super effective and because I don’t go to the gym now it also gives me extra time. Isn’t that what they call a win-win situation? Have I not yet convinced you how much fun it is to exercise at home? Then try one of these five workouts for your legs and buttocks first, I think you’ll be just as excited as I am afterwards. Enjoy!

5 x Legs and butt workouts at home

1. Buttocks and legs workout: Circuit Training

Do you love circuits as much as I do? Grab a mat, 2 dumbells and go for it!

2. Buttocks and legs workout: Tight Gap Workout


Does that part of the top of your legs that rub against each other when you stand with your legs next to each other bother you? This workout video is especially for this ‘problem zone’.

3. Buttocks and legs workout: in 12 minutes!

It is 12 minutes of hard work, but then you have trained your legs and buttocks. For a complete workout you can repeat the exercises 2 x.

4. Butt and Legs Workout: Smoothie Bootie Challenge

This workout is part of the Smoothie Bootie Challenge. A smoothie booties, isn’t that what everyone wants?!

5. Buttocks and legs workout: in 10 minutes

This short workout by Marlou and Rosa is ideal for when you’re short on time. Do you want a full workout? Then repeat the exercises 3 times.

More workout videos for at home?

Have you got the hang of it and don’t just want to train your legs and buttocks? Don’t worry! I think you will be completely happy with all of Marlou’s workouts on the online training program Hello New You.

And I’m very curious which of these 5 workouts for your legs and buttocks is your favorite. Will you let me know in a comment below? Nice!

Dear Lianne

I remember a nice workout for your legs and buttocks? This workout is also super effective!

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