5 tips to get through your pregnancy relaxed and healthy

Pregnancy is an exciting and unforgettable time. Especially when it concerns your first pregnancy, a lot is coming at you. You have no idea what to expect and you may have to deal with all kinds of annoying ailments. Some women, on the other hand, have no problems at all. No matter how your pregnancy progresses, it is and remains important to get through those 40 weeks as relaxed and healthy as possible. This is good for you, for your baby and ensures that you can get through the birth with a good feeling. Because by then you will need all your strength to bring your baby into the world. Not every pregnant woman manages to relax equally well, but with these tips you will go a long way.

Get plenty of rest

This sounds like an open door. To be able to relax properly, you also need to take enough rest. However, this is not so obvious for everyone. Pregnant women who are too busy often suffer from ailments such as back pain, pelvic instability or a hard stomach. These are signals from your body that you need to slow down. It is therefore important to schedule moments of rest more often during pregnancy. Try to get enough sleep and take regular breaks during the day. If you are employed, you are even entitled to this and your employer is obliged to adjust your working hours, for example.

Coloring and drawing

Maybe during your pregnancy extra thoughts go through your head. This can cause tension and you may be worried about your baby or the delivery. A good activity to get out of your head and into the here and now is to color or draw. Coloring books are not only for children, but also for adults. It is the ideal way to come to yourself and focus on a task. Your brain can’t do everything at once. When you focus on coloring neatly, your brain often fails to think about other things. Do you already have children? Then coloring books are also the ideal way to relax with your toddler or preschooler.

Pregnancy massage

You can spoil yourself extra during this special time. Give yourself some attention and book a relaxing pregnancy massage, for example. There is a good chance that you regularly suffer from your back, shoulders or tired legs. These massages are specially aimed at your pregnant body and are all about you. Your belly can be placed in a special space in the massage table, so that you can lie on your stomach again and relax completely. As time goes by, that belly also gets heavier of course. Do you like this? Then don’t hesitate to do this regularly, you deserve it. If you don’t like a massage, you can also take a relaxing bath or opt for a facial treatment.

Eat healthy

A healthy diet is essential for both you and the baby. Therefore choose a balanced diet in which you get all important nutrients, including proteins, fiber and calcium. Eat enough vegetables, fruit and whole-grain products and spread your meal throughout the day. When you suffer from nausea or heartburn, it can sometimes help to eat smaller portions. Occasionally something tasty when you feel like it is also allowed, it must remain fun. This is the time to take good care of your body.

Stay active

Just like healthy food, sufficient exercise is also very important during your pregnancy. In addition to having to take regular rest, it is also good to get up and move from time to time. Especially if you have a profession where you work a lot behind a computer and therefore mainly sit. Regular exercise can help reduce stress and make your body stronger for childbirth. If you are already a regular athlete, you can in most cases continue this during your delivery. Always discuss the options with your healthcare professional. If you don’t exercise much, choose safe activities such as (pregnancy) yoga, swimming or walking. These are all very good options to pick up during your pregnancy. They are not very stressful for your body, but they do ensure that you are active and work on your condition.

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