5 Nice personal gifts for him

Do you have a special or dear person in your life that you want to show how much you love them? Then look for a nice original and personal gift to show that you have put some extra effort into finding a great gift. Below 5 nice printed or creative gifts for him.

1. Beer brew kit

What could be more fun for a man than a package to brew your own beer? There are also two glasses that you can have printed as desired. All ingredients in the beer brewing package are present to allow them to brew a delicious beer.

2. Throw pillow with text

Do you want to buy a nice and original gift with a picture of yourself and a nice text? Then designing a decorative pillow is very nice. Would you like to give this to a dear friend going on a trip or to your dad for his birthday?

3. BBQ package

How cool is it to put together a BBQ package and give it. Think of a cool apron or a printed suitcase with pliers and other tools that you can use to make a barbecue a great success. How nice is it that your friend or father conjures up his own suitcase with name on it and then lets you enjoy a delicious barbecue.

4. Printed tile

A printed tile with a photo for Father’s Day or your father’s birthday is always a good idea. Do you have a nice picture of you together or a quote or motto that really applies to you? Design your own tile to show how much you love your dad. One thing is certain; your father will hang this tile with love! Check out the website of Tegeltje.nl for more information.

5. Chocolate card

How nice is it to make a chocolate card with photos or a text? You can design this chocolate card all by yourself and if you’re lucky, you can also help eat this delicious card.

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