4 Tips to find the ideal belt

If you look at fashion tips, you always get all kinds of ideas about all kinds of items. However, it is almost never about how to find a good belt. This can actually be very difficult. A belt must be functional, but it is also an accessory and must fit well with your outfit. So you don’t just go for the first model you come across. That is why it is useful to go through some tips that will help you with your choice. This way you will always find what you are looking for.

Choose from different types

It all starts with recognizing the types of belts. Are you the type who likes to wear the less conspicuous narrow belt? Or are you someone who goes for a waist belt? The waist belt can also be narrow, but it often also concerns the somewhat wider models. Other options you have are the hip belt and the belt. These are the more classic models that are functional and beautiful. It can also be attractive to choose the chain belt or corset belt. So there are plenty of options for you.

Match body and belt

Finding the right belt also depends on the physique. It is better to choose a narrow belt if you have a shorter upper body. This helps you create a waistline because you don’t really have one naturally. Do you have a very narrow and long waist? Then you should go for the corset belt. This way you can ensure that there is more attention for your waist. The other types of belts are easy to adapt to the type of build you have. You simply choose a slightly wider or narrower model.

Choose the right size

Not only how wide or how narrow a belt is determines whether it is a good choice for you. You also look at the right size. After all, the length determines whether you can wear the belt. The size can vary from 70 to 115 centimeters. This then goes in steps of 5 centimeters. You need to measure the circumference of your hips to properly determine what you need. Do you wear the belt a little higher? Then of course you measure at that spot. If your belt is a bit too long, you can always make a hole.

Leather or not?

The last tip has to do with the material. Gone are the days when belts were only available in leather. For example, nylon is also very popular nowadays. But there are also countless other types of materials from which belts can be made. Think cotton, suede and even rope as options. It is important to find a material that suits you and your outfit. This applies not only to the functional belt, but certainly also to the decorative belt. You will always find what you are really looking for.

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