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Nowadays you have so much choice when buying a gift that sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees. Where you used to go to your favorite store to pick out a present, the online offer is of course huge and attractive nowadays. Because admit it: nothing is as easy as ordering a gift with the click of a button that will be delivered to your doorstep. But it is of course extra nice if that gift is really personal. That is why in this blog I give you three tips for gifts that you can shop online, but also personalize online.

1. A personalized mug

Of course it remains the eternal classic, but that doesn’t make it any less fun: the mug! And of course not just a standard mug from the store, but a personalized mug. And make no mistake, because there are so many different types of mugs to choose from when it comes to the material. Think of a ceramic mug, steel mugs, enamel mugs, unbreakable mugs (yes) and even magic mugs. That sounds a lot more interesting right? A magic mug is a black mug (when it’s cold) but as soon as you put a warm liquid in it, a picture emerges. Surprise! You can find all these mugs (and much more) on Wanapix.nl, a reliable website with a lot of great gifts.

2. Unique clothes

I always enjoy seeing parents or children walking around in personalized T-shirts. It is really a piece of unique clothing that you wear there! But printed clothing goes much further than just T-shirts these days. For example, you can design personal socks online, but also rompers, boxer shorts and of course aprons. So I came across a pair of socks with pictures of that family’s dog: how nice is that!! Your own personal happy socks!
And those boxer shorts: hilarious if you have them printed with a photo of yourself or your partner… a super funny and unique gift if you ask me!

3. Printed stuffed animals

What I also think is a very nice idea is printing stuffed animals. How do you make a hug really personal? Well, by putting on a shirt with a personal message or photo! On Wanapix.nl I saw a super cute reindeer with a shirt on. So you can have a funny photo printed on that shirt, or a quote, a logo and so on. How sweet is it to surprise your Valentine with a sweet, soft hug and a picture of the two of you on it?!

These are just a few of the dozens of gifts you can personalize online. These three stand out for me, but there is so much more fun to be found!
Have you ever ordered a personalized gift? If so, let us know what that item was below!

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