3 tips for a personal touch at home

Furnishing your home is trickier than it seems. Nowadays, almost anyone can create a showroom-like interior. Thanks to handy apps such as Pinterest, you can put together the most beautiful interiors. As if your interior has run out of a book. It’s beautiful. There is no doubt about that. However, it is not really personal. There is therefore no question of a real ‘home’. To create a nice home, it is essential to let go of your own style at home. And no, you don’t get that from Pinterest.

You can of course use this to give a little direction to your interior, but in the end it is your own touch that makes the house a true home. But how do you find your own voice and give your home the personal touch it needs? Here you will find 3 tips.

Art at home

Art in the home is of course the way to bring some more personal elements into the home. With figurines and paintings you immediately make your home a lot more personal. Just by making the right choices. Processing the right things at home. After all, there is nothing more personal than art. Moreover, this can be anything. From your own child’s artwork to a luxury painting by a famous artist. Art has many faces and that is precisely why it is so attractive.

Color use

Color can do a lot for an interior. With color you can convey a certain feeling. Can you express what you feel or what feeling you want to reign in your home. For example, are you looking for a relaxing home? Or an energy-rich place? Or are you just looking for more warmth? Then choose the colors that match. Research has shown that our brain reacts very strongly to certain colors. So your body reacts to the color that your brain perceives. It is therefore more important than you think to use the right colors in your home.

Give important objects a nice place in the house

Over the years you may have collected items that hold an important place in your heart. Consider, for example, heirlooms, but also business gifts with a logo that you loved to keep. These are things that say a lot about your life, work and hobbies. You can therefore not make your home more personal than by giving these important objects a beautiful and striking place in your home.

Think, for example, of a beautiful glass display cabinet in which you can place such objects. Nice to look at and to give visitors an insight into your private life.

Have you perhaps received a beautiful large piece of furniture as an heirloom and does it actually not fit the picture perfect picture of Instagram or Pinterest at all? Then place it as an eye-catcher in your interior. Mix & Match of different styles is more popular than ever. This piece of furniture immediately invites for a conversation and immediately serves as an eye-catcher for the entire room.

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