3 sexy books for the long weekend

A long weekend is coming up! Are you ready to withdraw completely and take time for yourself? We have three spicy and sexy reading tips for you! These books make your heart beat faster and your body temperature no time one degree up.

1. Unhappy Single

Let yourself be carried away by this story full of love, friendship, desires and sexy moments. Jill is just 29 and has been longing for a relationship for a long time. When she meets Daan, that perfect picture suddenly seems a lot closer. It crackles between the sheets and outside, Daan also brings out the best in her. Usually, because there’s one thing that gets in the way of Jill’s overall picture. Unhappy Single reads like a charm and is highly recommended!

Give yourself a taste and read a sexy passage from this book here.


2. Saw me in half

When Cindy moves in with the love of her life, she can’t believe her luck. It soon turns out that the sex is getting less and less. While doing her best to ignore the flashbacks to exciting times, she bumps into an old acquaintance. It was never her intention to leave her boyfriend, but this tattooed appearance also indicates that shibari does sees in her a new adventure. How do you turn down such a sexy invitation when it’s all you desire?

Saw me in half‘ can be found here.

3. Out of Office

Don’t feel like devouring an entire book in one go, but in for sexy stories? Then you are in the right place with Out of Office! This book is a collection of no less than eight different sexy stories that take place in the workplace. Working has never been so much fun! From a wet dream about your boss to a wild one one night stand and just about everything in between. Something for everyone!


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