3 good tips to save on your healthcare costs

We want to keep our healthcare costs as low as possible. Your healthcare costs are costs that return monthly, but they can also add up. Not everything is reimbursed by the health insurer and you also have a mandatory deductible. It’s nice if you can still save on your healthcare costs. That is why in this article we give you a number of tips to keep your healthcare costs as low as possible.

1. Take out health insurance that suits you

Firstly, it is important to take out health insurance that suits you in order to avoid unnecessary costs. Taking out a basic package is mandatory in the Netherlands, but the premiums differ per health insurer. There is also the option to take out additional insurance. You can take out extra insurance for spectacles and contact lenses or extra physiotherapy. Sometimes you can actually save costs by taking out supplementary insurance when you use the care a lot. It is wise to read this carefully in advance before you take out health insurance for 2023.

2. A healthy lifestyle

In addition, you can of course also limit your healthcare costs by adopting a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle means that you eat a varied diet, exercise enough and relax when you can. By eating healthy, you will eventually have more energy, which will also allow you to exercise enough to stay fit. In addition, it is also important to relax and rest enough. A good night’s sleep is therefore very important for a healthy lifestyle. Consuming alcohol and smoking do not fit into a healthy lifestyle and can therefore be life-threatening. Of course, unexpected things can always happen, whereby you still have to make use of the care. However, a healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of illness with visits to the doctor and hospital.

3. Apply for healthcare allowance

You can also save on your healthcare costs by applying for a healthcare allowance. This is an allowance for lower incomes on the monthly healthcare premium. If you have an annual income of 23,000 euros or less, you are eligible for healthcare allowance. The healthcare allowance will even increase by 412 euros per year in 2023, which amounts to 34 euros per month. This can already cover many of the costs for the health care premium. When you take out health insurance, you have the choice to pay annually or monthly. By paying your health care premium annually, you can also save on your health care costs, which can be as much as 3 percent.

In short, if you want to save on your healthcare costs, you can take a number of measures. It is important to learn more about your health insurance policy and to take out a health insurance policy that suits you. You can also limit your healthcare costs with a healthy lifestyle. Besides the fact that this is nice for your wallet, it is also good for your body. Finally, you can apply for healthcare allowance if you are entitled to this to compensate (part of) your healthcare premium.

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