3 cups of coffee a day will shrink your bosom

Do you drink more than three cups of coffee a day? Then we have interesting news for you. Your coffee intake can cause a smaller cleavage. The shrinking of your bosom starts from three cups of coffee a day.

coffee bosom shrink

What would we do without coffee?

Waking up nicely with a cup of coffee: many people really can’t live without it. At least one cup is needed, but for many people that is nowhere near enough. Fortunately, we have enough reasons to keep doing this. That’s how it is, provided you don’t put too much sugar and milk in it too often, quite a healthy option. In addition, drinking coffee has many more benefits. For example, you would live longer if you drink coffee more often and coffee can help you lose weight because it stimulates your fat burning.

Too much coffee leads to a smaller bust

So keep drinking, you might think. It depends! Research now shows that you may have to sacrifice something for it. Researchers from Sweden found out that your bosom can shrink if you drink three cups of coffee a day. They studied about 300 women who drank coffee and found that there is a cause-and-effect relationship between a smaller bust and the love of coffee. Women who drink three cups of coffee – or more – in a day have a bust that is about 17% smaller than women who don’t know anything about coffee.

Hormone balance

Of course, these findings can be easily explained. Coffee contains caffeine and caffeine has a major impact on your endocrine system. And well, your hormones affect the size of your bosom. If you drink more than three cups of coffee in a day, you’re getting a fair amount of caffeine. This can ultimately lead to the shrinking of your bust.

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