21x The best Men’s Evening Ideas

The articles for a boys’ night out are scarce, and the ones that exist are not very creative. This is partly due to the nature of most men. In general, there is less thought and planning about the typical men’s outing than their female counterparts. We are all busy people – work, family, marriages and social responsibilities – it all adds up! We know you don’t have much time to go out with the guys and certainly don’t have much time to plan. With these facts in mind, we’ve put together a list of ideas that is varied and unique, but no event on the list should require excessive planning.

1. Pub crawl

Go to the pubs in your village or city with the men. Make sure you don’t start drinking too enthusiastically, otherwise you won’t see many bars ;).

2.Museum Tour

people stnading in cream

If your group likes a bit of art from time to time, check out an interesting museum at night. Night time tours are great as there are no groups of school kids. There are fewer people, and there are often special events with artists or guest speakers. A museum followed by a few drinks in a chill whiskey bar makes for the perfect men’s evening.

3. Poker and cigars

Do it old fashioned with a night of Texas Hold’em, Cuban cigars and a good Scotch. Load up on finger food like sandwiches, chips and snack cakes and let the bluffing begin! If you prefer to gamble for real money, you can also go for an online casino with the best casino bonus in the Netherlands!

4. Ax throwing

In recent years, ax throwing venues have popped up all over the country. Throwing a sharp object at a target is the perfect way to blow off some steam after a stressful week at work. No planning is required. It’s fairly budget-friendly, and you can throw axes. What else do you want?

If you want to do it even more budget-friendly and reproducible, go to your local hardware store and buy yourself some cheap axes. This only works if you have a safe outdoor area where you can throw axes. Otherwise, your neighbors probably won’t approve of your boys’ late-night venture.

5. Build a bonfire

campfire men

Some nights you just want to stay home. Invite the boys. Build a fire in the backyard or just use a fire pit. Have someone bring hot dogs; someone else gets the stuff for s’mores. Crack open some beers. Put on a great playlist. And finished.

Make sure you comply with the fire regulations in your area. In some places you have to warn the fire brigade in advance. In other places you will have to keep it near the fire pit, because then burning is illegal. Don’t let your fun guys night turn into a night in jail or a hefty fine.

6. Urban Art Walk

If you live in a city with a walkable nightlife and great street art, take the time to really appreciate it. Our art walks take you to the best places in the city and provide interesting background information about the works. It’s a unique way to revisit the city you walk through every day.

7. Virtual whiskey tasting

If you have a good whiskey bar nearby, organize a tasting. They arrange all the details.

8. Cabaret show

Cabaret is one of those things that you forget exists, but are actually perfect. The shows are usually budget friendly, sexy and sometimes super funny. If you and the boys are looking for something different this weekend, skip the video games and sip drinks in a cabaret lounge instead.

9. Comedy Club

man in black shirt singing on stage

I don’t know about you, but on a Friday night we often just need a good laugh. While comedy nights aren’t a guarantee since it all depends on who’s on stage that night, chances are you’ll get at least a few chuckles. We think they get funnier the more whiskey you drink, so go ahead. Grab a few and have a good laugh with the boys.

10. Evening with live music

How long has it been since you saw a good concert? You can score tickets to a big show, but if massive event spaces stress you out, gather the guys at a local restaurant or bar with a good band. Grab a burger and spend the evening in a comfortable chair with good music.

11. Table Tennis Tournament

Does anyone have a ping pong table? If not, you can actually rent them from a party/event store. Set it up in the basement or backyard and let the trash talk begin. It’s a fun idea for a boys’ night out, and easy to implement. Just be careful: This game is really addictive, and you might end up buying a ping pong table.

12. Arcade night

Do your friends like games? Then go to the nearest arcade. Challenge the boys to an old-fashioned game of Pac-Man, air hockey or basketball. The only downside is that you may be surrounded by teenagers or children, but you are taller than them.

13. Lawn games

If the arcade sounds too stressful, swap the electronic games for yard games. Think of jeu de boules, for example. Most of these are available, albeit in low cost versions, at your local chain store. If you find one that you and the guys really like, you can invest in a sturdier set later on. Order pizza. Have the guys bring beer, and you’re good to go.

14. BBQ night

meat roasted on grill

Take care of the food yourself or let everyone bring their own meat. Light the barbecue grill. Fill the ice chests. Set up some garden chairs and spend an evening outside.

15. Tacos and tequila

Are you bothered by the winter weather? Swap steaks on the grill for tacos and tequila in the warmth of the house. Everyone loves tacos. They are easy to make and affordable to feed many people. You make the meat (or make a stop at your favorite restaurant) and let everyone bring toppings. You can also choose to just buy everything and let the guys bring some money to contribute. Watch out for the strong side effects of tequila! You can end up with half-naked dudes doing karaoke in sombreros. There are no guarantees here.

16. Lend a hand

For some men, taking time out of the weekend to just hang out feels like a waste of precious time. We get it; houses don’t fix themselves, and grass certainly doesn’t mow itself. If you need to get some work done, but also haven’t seen your best friends in months, invite them to lend a hand. Roofs are repaired faster with an extra set of hands.

Whether you need to build something, move something big, or do a repair, more muscle makes the job go faster. It may not sound fun, but it’s kind of a win-win situation. You get time with your boyfriend, and you get things done anyway. Just be sure to volunteer next week to go to their house!


If you and the guys are feeling creative, spend some time creating a podcast on a topic you both love. You really don’t need much, just a good camera and microphone. You can even do it on your phone. If you like the result, schedule it regularly and find a platform for your creation! Alternative creations could be a how-to YouTube video, a music video, or any other creative endeavor that you absolutely love.

18. City Scavenger Hunt


Scavenger hunts are a fun way to spend an evening in your own city. You compete with other crews for the top spot in your city on a city tour filled with trivia tests and hilarious photo challenges. With the right group of guys, these yachts are awesome, and you’re sure to see a new side to your town.

19. Shooting range

Another great stress reliever for you and the guys is a night at the gun range. Load up your guns or rent one from the facility. Make it a challenge or just work on your form; either way, this guys night out will get you a little adrenaline pumping and maybe give you the chance to learn a new skill.

20. Fight night

If you have a boxing arena or UFC competition nearby, spend the evening watching a live fight. If you don’t have that option, you can still take the guys to the local sports bar to watch the fight. Place some bets. The loser gets a round!

21. Minigolf

man in black t-shirt standing near swimming pool during daytime

Go to the local mini golf course. They are often located in city parks. Challenge the boys to a game or two, and when it gets dark head over to the BBQs and get out the coolers. Grill some meat. Put out the lawn chairs, have a few beers and have a good conversation while watching the stars.

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