10x what to do with old curtains

Waste is created to a certain extent in every household: whether you are not very active with your waste or you are an avid zero waster. We can all agree that less waste is actually better, but some waste is hard to avoid. That is why I regularly share useful tips to give a new life to the waste you create in your household. Whether it’s coffee grounds, plastic bottles, vegetable waste or old jeans: you can give a lot of things a second life. In this article I share 10 tips to give old curtains a new life.

#1 Napkins


The fabric for curtains is often sturdy and therefore ideal for making beautiful and durable napkins. On Katia you will find a good description for the napkins.

#2 Canopy bed

four-poster bed

Do you have any spare curtains? Then use this to create your own four-poster bed. This type of curtain is ideal for this. By attaching this fabric to the ceiling or to the bars of your bed, you create an oasis of peace and coziness in your bedroom. So romantic!

#3 Cushion Covers

cushion cover

Do you have some fabric left over from the curtains? Then you can easily make matching cushion covers, for example for the couch. You can find a DIY for simple cushion covers on WikiHow.

#4 Pendulum

Leftover pieces of fabric are always ideal for making a garland. You can go in any direction with it, but the garlands from Kenarry and Viva El Toro are real favorites.

#5 Grocery bag

shopping bags

Of course you can also easily make your own shopping bag from leftover curtain fabric or unnecessary curtains. The fabric is strong enough to make a strong bag for all your daily necessities. You can find a handy DIY on the website of Budgetstoffen.

#6 Tablecloth


If you have made your own napkins from old curtains, you can also easily make a homemade tablecloth. On Katia you will also find a DIY for a tablecloth that you can adjust to the right dimensions.

#7 Reusable bags

reusable bags

Old net curtains and light curtains are ideal for making reusable bags in all kinds of sizes. Ideal for sustainable shopping! You can find a DIY for reusable bags here.

#8 Picnic blanket

picnic blanket

Due to the size of most curtains, this fabric is ideal for making a large picnic blanket. You can even add an under layer to keep you warm and dry in the park. You can find a DIY on The Homesteady.

#9 Organizer

While camping, in the nursery or in the hallway, an organizer can help you tidy up a lot of things. You can easily make such an organizer yourself, for example with an old curtain and the DIY from Instructables.

#10 Laundry bag

A laundry bag is a handy alternative to the laundry basket and is very easy to make yourself, for example from old curtains. On Ehow you will find a step-by-step tutorial for a stylish laundry bag.

Would you like more tips for creative reuse? Be sure to check out the other articles in the series ‘creative reuse’.

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